Saturday, 30 April 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel.

There has been little of interest to post here for some time, but we are settling into our new routine and life is getting easier.
A few weeks ago I treated myself to this book by Roxanne Evans Stout.   I have been fascinated by collage for some time and have dabbled with it in a very minimal way but since reading this book, suddenly I have an idea for a small book of collages to celebrate my special relationship with my maternal grandmother.  I always need a reason for making something before I can start.

Like many techniques everything appears to be simple, after all I will only be cutting or tearing papers and fabrics and sticking or stitching them down to a background.  But, choosing the right elements in the right proportions and arranging them in the most effective order is the tricky bit.

I have started gathering together fabrics in blue, as blue and white was a favourite colour combination for my grandmother.

She made rag rugs so that has to be included.  This one appears in one of Kaffe Fasset's books but as I will not be parting with my book when it is finished I am not worried about copyright.  She also made crocheted lace.

I have collected various images from magazines - granny kept bees at one time and her favourite soap smelled of Devon violets.

I may include some stamping - the meadow reminds me of long summer holidays spent crawling through the long grasses of Granny's paddock looking for ladybirds and grasshoppers.

This is just a mock-up at creating the first page.  The photo is of me aged about 18months old with Granny on a lovely summer day.   I think progress will be slow and I must not let my enthusiasm run away with me as I have done so often.   There is so much to think about and each memory seems to trigger off another one.

It is lovely to have time to think about doing some art work again.   At last my husband seems to be making real progress and I have a bit of spare time to play.  

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A very special birthday present.

This is one of the pages from the wonderful gift one of my daughters made me for my 80th birthday last month.   I had no time to post much then as my husband came out of hospital the day after my birthday and I have been kept rather busy ever since.  I am the night nurse as well as the day nurse so you can imagine that not much housework is being done other than the occasional 'lick and promise'.

The book starts with my birth details, then my parents, grandparents and so on.  She also included pages giving details of their various occupations and trades, and the meanings of the various names.

Above is a map of where my ancestors came from.  As you see we are mostly from the south east and London area with one little dot in Somerset and another in Yorkshire.

This is the cover which I actually loaded first but for some reason has jumped down two places.  It is a revamped small binder and during construction one of the rivets broke.   My daughter's father-in-law is a real Mr.Fixit and supplied two replacement rivets which came from a Spitfire about the same vintage as me.  I am very proud of my rivets!

At the very end of the book is a page for me to continue, with spaces for the details of our children, and their husbands and children, and so on.

Perhaps in another 10 years she may have discovered more ancestors and we can add further pages to the book.

It has been such a beautiful day today.  I tried to do some weeding but the soil has a texture rather like an overcooked rice pudding.  I suppose it will get dry enough one day to do something useful out there.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sorry - No Pics.

I had intended to take a  photo of the beautiful and delicious coffee and walnut cake that one of my daughters made for my birthday recently.   Most of the family popped in to wish me well and I am afraid the ravening horde descended on the cake and there are only crumbs left.   It was so good.

We fetched my husband home from hospital yesterday.  He is still quite weak but installed in front of the TV watching the rugby match between England and France.   I have had quite enough excitement lately and can't cope with any more tension so have come to hide upstairs with my laptop.  I daresay I will creep down shortly to see how things are going, rather as one of daughters did when watching the Daleks on Dr.Who!   She was so scared of them she would back out of the room with her eyes stilled glued to the TV screen, closing the door as she went, and would peep through a tiny crack so as not to miss anything.

Twenty four hours ago I had never seen a nebuliser or a portable oxygen machine, and after finding them rather scary and daunting I am now far more confident in using them though we did have two false starts with the nebuliser.  (Is that the right spelling?).  I had so much information given to me that my head was spinning, but most of it must have sunk in and there were some printed instructions with diagrams, though they never seem to look exactly like the thing you are trying to fathom out.  It all seems to be working as my husband has been pottering about for a few minutes every now and then throughout the day and has started eating 'proper' food.   A very satisfactory first day at home.

I'd better go and see if England need me to cheer them on.   Fingers crossed they can manage on their own.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

It's been a funny old week.

All will be explained in a moment.   The weekend before last my husband collapsed at home and I had to call an ambulance.   It transpired that he had double pneumonia and has been in hospital ever since.   He is making good progress and looks a little better each time I see him.

Yesterday our son took the above in to him - his escape kit!  In case it isn't clear, he hid a file in a half eaten chocolate croissant and provided a pass with false identity!   The file was totally embedded in the croissant but I pulled some out so you could see what it was.

We both have nothing but gratitude and praise for the hospital staff and their level of care, but he is still champing at the bit to come home, though I think he will be in there for a few more days.   Maybe they will let him home this coming weekend by which time I hope the weather will have warmed up a bit.

I must get my nurse's outfit out of mothballs and find a big stick for discipline as he is bound to try doing all the things he shouldn't.  I shall call for back-up if he doesn't listen to me!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Finishing things and starting other things.

This is the finished book cover - front above and back below.    I zigzagged close to the edge, all round the cover and then made a 'picot' effect with the soldering iron.
I had great trouble with my spray bottle and it shot out great dollops of dark ink which I thought had ruined it completely.   However, as it dried it became lighter and I over sprayed it with a green ink and then a coppery one.   The letters and leaves were rubbed with Treasure Gold to bring up their textures.  I might apply a coat or two of acrylic wax for protection.

I love this time of year and always get a lift from sowing seeds.   These are all with bees in mind - french marigold, poached egg plant, aquilegia, nasturtium, sweet peas, cosmos, calendula and annual dahlias.   I have also planted roots of three large dahlias.   My tiny greenhouse also contains pelargonium and lavender cuttings taken last year and a bonsai oak tree grown from an acorn by my son.  These are in an awful jumble, out of shot thank goodness along with various gardening gloves and hand tools.  I must have another tidying session out there.

The greenhouse also doubles as our recycling area with bags for papers, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic, not to mention four folding chairs.  I can just about get in far enough to water everything, including the chairs if I'm not careful.   When the seedlings are out in the garden I can dismantle the old green plastic table, let the chairs out, and there will be enough room for two growbags which will hold six tomato plants.   The smell of tomato plants takes me back to my childhood and my granddad's greenhouse.   Lovely.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Wasting time and making excuses.

Having finished all the pages for my fabric book I have been amusing myself by recycyling a lot of oddments of yarn into a sort of tunic-cum-pullover.
It may only ever get worn for gardening but will be quite useful on cooler days worn over a shirt or poloneck jumper.
I'm amazed it fits as it was knitted, not with chunky yarn as the pattern stated but with all sorts of yarns, tape and ribbon and on smaller needles, but I did work out from the tension details how many extra stitches I would need.  Luckily there was no shaping involved - it is just two oblongs put together leaving an opening at the neck.  There should have been sleeves but I ran out of interesting leftovers so settled for a matching trim at the armholes.
Not terribly flattering but it will hide a few lumps and a spare tyre.

I have managed to avoid working on the cover for my book but have been thinking about it while knitting and am nearly ready to take the plunge and start work on it.

How do we manage to kid ourselves that our actions are perfectly reasonable?  For weeks now I have wanted to start drawing in a sketchbook.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course I did a couple of years back so I know I can draw - after a fashion if not to my satisfaction - but the thought of making another start makes me instantly find something else to do and make excuses for not drawing, or making my book cover, come to that.   I will do both eventually because I really want to.  It's a bit like wanting to swim but knowing the water will be cold!  I'll jump in when I'm ready.

I thought I would be wise when I was old - sadly I am just old.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

A trifle damp this morning.

This is what we woke up to this morning.   What a good thing my husband fixed those bars to lift the feet of our seats free of the water level.
Poor soggy neglected garden.   I suppose I'll get out there one day.

I have been working on the pages of my fabric book using photocopies of my own photos although this one was from a card.

Most of the photos are from a holiday to the Gower Peninsula and are full of happy memories.  I have learned quite a lot during the making of these pages and am now not happy with the dimensions of some of my pieces of fabric.  What a shame I couldn't see that earlier!

Most of the fabrics are scraps left over from a dyeing course many years ago, or were painted for other projects.

Another time I shall bond each fabric scrap in place before hand stitching.  I just can't get rid of all the wrinkles.   What a good thing I like the rustic look.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making it and am still considering adding small embellishments to some of the less interesting pages.    Now I must devise the cover.

Keep safe, and dry.