Saturday, 6 February 2016

A trifle damp this morning.

This is what we woke up to this morning.   What a good thing my husband fixed those bars to lift the feet of our seats free of the water level.
Poor soggy neglected garden.   I suppose I'll get out there one day.

I have been working on the pages of my fabric book using photocopies of my own photos although this one was from a card.

Most of the photos are from a holiday to the Gower Peninsula and are full of happy memories.  I have learned quite a lot during the making of these pages and am now not happy with the dimensions of some of my pieces of fabric.  What a shame I couldn't see that earlier!

Most of the fabrics are scraps left over from a dyeing course many years ago, or were painted for other projects.

Another time I shall bond each fabric scrap in place before hand stitching.  I just can't get rid of all the wrinkles.   What a good thing I like the rustic look.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making it and am still considering adding small embellishments to some of the less interesting pages.    Now I must devise the cover.

Keep safe, and dry.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Back to Normal.

I took these photos yesterday when the temperature had plummeted overnight.  Even the weeds and untidy dead bits in the garden looked pretty with a dusting of frost.  The pond was frozen over and the bird bath was solid.   About 20 miles north of us they had a light fall of snow and freezing fog, turning everywhere into a winter wonderland.

The heuchera leaves are beautiful without any frost but those frilly edges look wonderful with a bit of 'icing'.

As I said, even the weeds look attractive.

And the dead bits - this is an ice plant seedhead.

No apologies - another heuchera plant - I love them.

I think the hellebores had a bit of a shock and looked rather bedraggled.

Even the snowdrops were a bit sorry for themselves, but both are quite perky this morning with a 10 degree rise in temperature.   Today is damp, dull and dreary and all the magic has gone but I am sure that winter hasn't done with us just yet.

A few days ago I printed off one of the free tutorials from Maggie Grey's latest book 'Long Diaries and Tall Tales'.  I was looking forward to trying it out but must have put it somewhere safe.  I have looked everywhere, even in the recycling bag for paper.  It must be here somewhere.  Any ideas as to where to carry on searching?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Feeling Miffed!

I was given this beautiful scarf for Christmas and haven't been able to wear it yet as the weather has been so mild, and the scarf is really warm.  I has all sorts of textures woven into it plus little pleats here and there giving it a stretchy feel.  The photograph hasn't reproduced the colours at all well as the light is poor today.

I also received a skein of what I, at first, thought to be some fibres for working on the embellisher.  It turned out to be 50gm of mohair laceweight yarn - a blend of alpaca and silk.  It didn't look like yarn in the skein and is so fine and soft and also beautifully warm.  I have never knitted with such fine yarn and had to get used to it - it felt like knitting with cobwebs.   Again, my photo hasn't done the colours justice - it has a delicate variation of sea blue/green with a hint of pale lilac.  Very pretty.
I was amazed at the length it knitted up to - over 2 metres long.  Two totally contrasting scarves but I can feel that the temperature is gradually dropping, so maybe it wont be long before I am trying to decide which to wear first as I moan about being too cold!

I also received a very robust garden trowel which I haven't christened yet as the garden is so waterlogged.  More rain today and a very poor light for any kind of art or craft work.  Never mind, I am occupying myself by turning out cupboards and filling boxes to go to the charity shop.  Not looking forward to the cupboard under the sink, or the larder.   Who knows what horrifying sell by dates I will discover lurking at the back!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Goodbye Christmas.

Normal service has been resumed, albeit a day early as I am out tomorrow and Wednesday, and Christmas is tucked up again in it's cupboard for another year.

This was our landing two days ago during which time another two large bags of fabrics joined the pile.   I have been collecting all sorts of fabrics for making rag rugs for several years, but the process of rag rugging is quite hard on the hands and I don't think I shall be making any more.  Everything is now with the local secondary school art and textile department.  I was delighted to find it all a good home and they were delighted to accept it.

There are still some general books to be packed up but they will go to the Lion's Club book shop.  After that I shall turn my attention to the kitchen cupboards - I shudder to think of some of the sell by dates that might be lurking in the back of my larder.

I feel so sorry for those affected by floods - it must be truly awful.  The forecasters keep saying that the weather will remain changeable.  I don't think changeable is the right word for it - it seems to be stuck in a rut and we keep getting the same, over and over again.

It isn't cold, so I won't say 'Keep warm'.  Just keep dry and roll on some seasonal weather then perhaps we can all look forward to proper a spring.

I've just had a lovely thought.  Now I have cleared out so many books I have room for some new ones!

Thursday, 31 December 2015



Thursday, 24 December 2015

Is it really Christmas?

It doesn't feel a bit Christmassy to me, but I've done this ............
and this ....... (My daughter made me the felted crow in the twigs)
and this ..........
and this ........... 
as well as this, to get into the mood.   I prefer the garland to go round the bannister rail but when you are old codgers - as we are - you need the rail to hold onto.

I took these photos at 9 o'clock this morning.  It was so dark and gloomy I needed the light on for some.
It's a bit brighter now and not raining for the moment, but we had a torrential shower not long ago and everywhere is once again sodden.   I keep seeing wonderful pictures in magazines of seedheads, etc., sparkling with frost.  Ha!  No chance.  We do have a cherry tree almost in full bloom, polyanthus and buttercup in flower.   I have seen daisies in lawns, primroses, daffodils and all sorts of things that shouldn't be awake yet.  I hope there will be some daffs for Easter and with the lack of frost I wonder if we will get any crocus or snowdrops this year.  The snowdrops are usually the first to poke their leaves out of the soil but there is no sign of them yet.  Magazine editors will have to restructure their contents if this weird weather continues.

Whatever the weather I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Keep safe and well.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Long time - no see!

I thought it was high time I posted again.  As you see, here is our hall looking lovely and bright even on a dull and dreary November day.  The only trouble is that I  now notice all the others area that would benefit from being redecorated.  We must be a mucky pair.

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I noticed this little spray of cherry blossom on our tree.  I apologise for the blurred photo but it was wet and windy at the time I took it.

Has anyone seen the dog!!  She will stay down there until she gets too hot and can't bear it any longer.  Just after I took this photo that little hump started moving up and down and I could hear her panting.  Eventually she staggered out from under the bedclothes.  I know some of you will be horrified by this but I do change the sheets when she has gone home and she is so very cuddly.
 Please don't notice the junk on my husband's chest of drawers.  I tidy it at my peril.

I am at last beginning to feel more alive, thanks to a wonderful physiotherapist.   She diagnosed the problem with my left knee some months ago, then progress was halted by a heel spur on my right foot.  By the time that was sorted my legs had become so lazy and walking was jolly hard work and not enjoyable at all.  I then became more and more lethargic and so tired all day long, in spite of sleeping well.   I went back to the physio and she has given me an exercise programme, some of which are quite tough so I know they are hitting the right spots.   I do them every morning before I get dressed.  I have also got back to a daily walk each afternoon and that can be hard work according to how much housework, etc., I have done during the morning.  Progress will be slow I think, but at least I am on the way to regaining a modicum of fitness and getting various tasks done each day.

I hope the weather soon dries out a bit as there are magnificent buttercups just waiting to take over several parts of the garden, as well as healthy looking plants of various other thugs I thought I had got rid of earlier in the year.  Sadly the soil is rather like thick porridge and it's pouring with rain as I write this.

I hope I manage another post before Christmas!