Saturday, 23 January 2010

The same thing happens every year!

I go round the garden in January trying to remember where I planted bulbs and which ones are which!! I know what those in the above pic are - they are snowdrops which are spreading well all over the garden, back and front. In a few years time we'll be overrun, but somehow I don't think I shall mind that.
The one above is a mystery - I know I should have put a label in the pot. It looks a bit lonely - I would have planted three or five in this pot so where are the others? I often plant bulbs in pots so I can move them around the garden to fill any boring gaps. I always think I'll remember what they are but seldom do. So many look alike in their early stages, but it is always a lovely surprise when they finally identify themselves.

My hellebores are opening very slowly - I did think this white one would have been out by now, but even our milder temperatures haven't persuaded it to open yet.

This one looks very dark - I hope it is one of the very dark ones but think it will probably turn out to be more of a deep pink. I'm longing to get out and trim away their scruffy leaves and tidy up around them but must be patient. If I do too much too soon I shall be doing more harm than good.
All four of the boxes of odds and ends have gone off to the charity shop, so I can't change my mind about whether to get rid of them or not. The spare room has been redecorated, decluttered and all the furniture, etc., is back in place. It looks so lovely now, I keep having to go in to admire it. I feel like moving in! My workroom also looks tidy still, which is a bad sign and means that I have not been very creative lately. Maybe next week I'll have time to start messing it up again though there are more charity bags and boxes to be filled before I'm done.
Yesterday we had our swine flu jabs. Thought some of you might like to know we had no side effects or reaction apart from slight tenderness at the place the needle went in and we have both been rather tired today - otherwise perfectly normal. I was not sure whether to bother to have the vaccine but apparently if the virus picks up again later in the year it may target the elderly this time so I thought I would play safe. Quite how 'they' can predict that I don't know but I don't believe in taking chances.
Father Christmas gave me some pocket money and I invested it in some lovely silk threads from Mulberry Silks. They haven't arrived yet, but are due early next week and when I get them I'll take a photo and post it. I also ordered some silk tops, some of which hopefully co-ordinate with the colours of the threads. I'm relying on them to supply some much needed inspiration.


alcoholinky said...

how lovely to see the flowers are on the move again Heather. glad to hear your swine flu jab went ok!

Robin Mac said...

We had our swine flu jabs too, Heather, also with no ill effects. Glad you have had such a cleanout - that sort of throwing away always makes me feel very virtuous, but I haven't done any for quite a while so perhaps I had better pluck up the courage. Cheers, Robin

Totalfeckineejit said...

ature fights back! We have snowdrops poking their green fingers through the co;ld soil.Glad you've been jabbed.Best to be safe.Oh and if you don't want to havean imaginary Red Car, The big Red poetry bus will be ferrying people so hop aboard next Friday!