Sunday, 19 December 2010

I hope the Poetry Bus isn't running late - I'm frozen!

The Weaver of Grass is driving the bus this week and her theme for us is Star - any kind of star. I have gone for the obvious and hope that plurals are allowed.

Here is my contribution-:

There are no stars on view tonight
they are hidden by a thick blanket of cloud.
Even so, on a clear night
I see only part of the amazing light show
as I am surrounded by street lights,
security lights, and further into town
and city it is even worse.
How foolish man is to obliterate
such a stunning and free display
with his own tawdry illuminations.
I once slept under the stars
on a clear night
and saw them as they are meant to be seen.
It was truly magical and breathtaking.

Three of our neighbours are out scraping ice off the road to help keep it passable, bless them. We are the oldest inhabitants now so I don't feel too guilty about not being out there with them. My husband has just managed to drive up the slope in reverse. Last time we had snow he couldn't even do that. We have only had about an inch but a few miles in almost any direction it seems that much more has fallen. The sky looks quite leaden and I think we will get more. No pictures of snow - I've gone off it!
I thought I would leave you with a nice cosy image. Sorry it's only a gas fire, but we have no chimney so it's the best I can do. Keep warm and keep safe.


Julie said...

Your poem is oh so true Heather! I used to live outside of the town where we had lovely dark skies and once saw the aurora borealis (1992 I think it was) form our garden, we're in the Midlands. Now I live in town in the middle of a housing estate, no chance of seeing anything! There is way too much light pollution and think of the energy waste. Ok, I'll get off my soap box lol

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas. Keep warm and safe.

Karen said...

Where I live, there are no lights at all at night except for our own house lights. On clear nights, it seems like we can reach up and touch the millions of stars above. I always feel connected in some way when I view the stars. I don't know how else to explain it, other than that it makes me feel a kinship with people throughout all of time who have seen the same sight.

Robin Mac said...

Love your poem about the stars Heather - camping in outback Australia is the most wondrous experience for star gazing! Sorry about all the white stuff you are getting agoin. The baubles in your previous post are pretty swish too. Cheers, Robin

A Fistful Of Moonbeams™ said...

Indeed, man is ever at fault for obstructing the best of what nature has to offer to the tired and weary. strong write!

izzy said...

Yes city lights- no substitute for Mother Nature! always love sleeping under the stars when I can- especially out west, where big sky serves up a really lovely view.

120 Socks said...

We should all look up more. Enjoyed your poem very much.

Peter Goulding said...

I can even feel the heat from that fire!
What is it that astronomers call it? Light pollution?
Having said that, I wouldn't much fancy walking through the city streets at night with no lights on...

Enchanted Oak said...

I like this protest poem very much. Light pollution is real. I lived in LA and I know. Now I live in a rural area and there are more stars than I ever imagined.

Enchanted Oak said...

P.S. I forgot to mention I read your profile. Oh, Lord, it's nice to meet another Dick Francis fan. I read everything he wrote in succession in a period of time not long ago, and in a way, he saved my sanity. I am so sad that his son can't write like Dick could. I am so sorry his writing came to an end. But what a joy his books are. Hallelujah that they exist!

Jinksy said...

Light pollution has a lot to answer for...

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love this Heather - yes people who live in towns miss such a lot - even here we had residual light from places like Catterick Garrison - nothing beats the night sky for awesome.

maggi said...

Lovely poem Heather. I once lived on the edge of Dartmoor where it was so dark at night that every star was visible again.