Friday, 18 February 2011

Making the best of another grey, cold day.

It's horribly dismal again today so I'm cheering myself up with this photo which I took two days ago. Just look at all those lovely little buds fattening up. In a few weeks time they should be a mass of cherry blossom - gorgeous.
Just below them, this little visitor was busy pinching the peanuts this morning. His first job of the day is to try to get the pin out of the base of the nutholder which means easy pickings as all the nuts fall onto the ground. But my husband has got it sussed, and fixed the pin so it can't be pulled out. They still manage to gnaw through the wire and make a larger hole sometimes.
As none of my new ideas want to be worked on just yet, I am revamping some old ones and trying to improve on the small fabric landscapes I made a little while ago. They are not quite ready to be seen yet, but I will photograph them and show you in a day or two. If they look good enough I will enter them into our exhibition as part of the North Somerset Art Trail in a couple of months.
According to folklore, we are supposed to go out and sit among the snowdrops this evening in the moonlight (there will be a full moon but it will probably be hidden by cloud) and soak up their purity. I shall probably be a couch potato hiding under my Snuggie!


Nancy said...

At least you have that beautiful photo to look at until spring is here....squirrels have destroyed so many of our feeders it can get discouraging .

I hope you have a wonderful. Weekend ..

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sitting with the snowdrops, full moon or not Heather, is definitely not on my list to ' to do' for this evening - it is sleeting and bitterly cold. Of course wouldn't you know this is the weekend when the Northern lights are going to be at their best for years and we are going to have total cloud cover.

Look forward to seeing your embroideries.

Lyn said...

Not sure I will be sitting amongs the snowdrops in the moonlight either!

Heather said...

I didn't sit among the moonlit snowdrops either, though it was a pleasant thought. Thick cloud, drizzle and low temperatures are not conducive to meaningful spirituality.

Maureen said...

I wouldn't have much fun sitting with my one snowdrop!! Love your sari silk piece, you put me to shame as am just making the odd card at the moment.