Monday, 2 May 2011

Wonderful Wisteria and Bonny Babies.

Our wisteria is looking it's best at the moment.

When we planted it I knew there was a white version but didn't realise that there were quite a few more types. This is my favourite and I'm so glad I chose it. The ones with the very long panicles of blossom would look silly in our small garden.

It has established really well now and stretches the entire width of the house. We planted it just outside the front door and have trained it along the wall in both directions. It meets up with the winter jasmin on one side and a honeysuckle on the other. I missed it last year as I went away for the week it was looking like this, and wet and windy weather had finished it off by the time I got home again. There will be a terrible mess when the petals drop - I practically have to shovel them up - but it is worth that small inconvenience to see it like this. A bonus is it's lovely perfume.

I love these alliums too and am looking forward to the larger christophii which are just breaking bud and will look lovely in a few days time. I meant to take a photo of the lilac - it's looking gorgeous. I'll post both next time.

I took this photo on April 27th - it is our two baby collared doves in their nest between the Sky dish and the house wall.

Just four days later on the 1st May they looked like this. They grow so quickly, it's astounding. By next week they'll probably have flown. I wonder if the parent birds will lay more eggs. They are very considerate neighbours and although so close, don't make any noise apart from a bit of cooing.


Wipso said...

Fab post. Our Wisteria is also in full bloom...I love it. Also my highlight of the week is that I too have robins nesting for the very first time in our robin nest box....I'm so excited and have already ordered some live meal worms to feed them with :-)
A x

Carol said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for your comment on my blog, just wanted to say,you don't need courage,just lots of enthusiasm :)

Carol Q said...

love wisteria Heather and yours is a beauty (are the dangly bits called racines??) my pa grows alliums (allia?) they are so cleverly made aren't they? your little doves are growing at a huge rate of knots. they'll be gone before you know it.

Linda said...

There's so much beauty on your blog Heather! Those dovelets are absolutely gorgeous - I'd love to see them in real life. And the damselflies are sweet too...making a symbol of love, aaahhh :-)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love Wisteria Heather but had no idea that it had a perfume.

My how quickly those doves have grown. We have one and also one baby blackbird being constantly fed by mum and dad.

Val said...

Beautiful beautiful wisteria Heather - and those doves - aren't they just something else! Lovely photos.