Sunday, 29 January 2012

Spring IS on the way, inspite of the forecast.

I have been enjoying these white hellebores since Christmas - although they are known as Christmas roses they have never flowered at Christmas for me before.

Then, this morning I noticed a clump of these lovely pink ones and just had to get out there with my camera. On the other side of the garden there is a large clump of dark pinkish red ones which are still well hidden under their leaves and usually appear later in the year. There is also a clump of creamy yellow ones swamped by some tazzy dead grass, but I am loath to cut it all away incase the forecast for severe weather is correct.

I even spotted tiny catkins forming on the contorted hazel. I love the shapes made by the twigs. There is a tree-lined footpath beside our house and I can see the early signs of silver birch and alder catkins through the window, and the buds on the willow tree are just beginning to form with promise of pussy willow catkins before much longer.

We have lots of snowdrops now, all acquired from a small clump from our previous garden when we moved here many years ago. I'm so pleased they are happy in our soil and love them. It always surprises me that such a tiny, dainty, delicate plant can survive some really harsh conditions.

These are the first crocus to appear in our garden, with what could be more just to the left of them in the photo. I have almost given up trying to grow yellow ones as the birds eat them as soon as they flower.

I thought this post would give us all a lift in the event of the UK being under a layer of snow next week! I hope winter gets a wriggle on and does it's bit as I want to get out there and tidy up as soon as I feel a bit more lively - I think I must be the custodian of the National Collection of weeds!

This, or the phone, is the safest way of communicating with people at the moment, though I am so much better than I was. I've had real flu twice in my life and it's nowhere near as bad as that, but it is more than just an ordinary cold and I'd hate to pass it on.

Keep safe, keep warm and if you see a germ coming your way, hold your nose and duck!


Gina said...

Such pretty hellebores. Hope you feel better soon Heather... your comment about flu made me smile as you obviously know what it feels like. I've only had it once and it was awful so it amuses me when poeple say they've had flu when it's a bad cold.

Carol Q said...

nice to see life stirring in the garden again Heather. I do love your hellebores. I really should get some. Your curly hazel looks like it's further on than mine. Glad to hear you're improving. x

Heather said...

Thankyou Gina and Carol - I am feeling much better and luckily it was fast and furious.

Maggi said...

Very pretty Heather. I've just watched the Countryfile weather forecast and it seems cold but no snow yet for this week. Good to hear that you are starting to feel better.

Julie said...

The hazel is beautiful and I love the idea of owning the National Collection of Weeds. I think I have the reserve collection lol I'm glad you're feeling better.

sharon young said...

What a great post, so lovely to see the spring flowers appearing.
I hope we won't be under snow next week, i hate the stuff.
Glad your cold is abating a bit, and how very thoughtful of you to keep it to yourself.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely flowers Heather. We have white and pink hellebores out - does you good to see them doesn't it. I love Ronald Blythe's quote that snowdrops do like to go on long walks. Ours certainly have - they change where they come up every year.

Linda said...

Yay, Spring is coming! My favourite time of year - I can't wait.
Love that delicate pink hellebore the darker ones are beautiful too.