Tuesday, 22 May 2012

All set for a busy day in the garden!

I was still tired from my marathon gardening session at the weekend, and as the weather was so lovely I gave myself the day off today. Glorious sunshine, birds singing, a light breeze and the perfect temperature for being idle. It's the first time this year that I have dared to put out our grotty table and chairs and hope I haven't provoked a change in the weather by doing so. I have even been rash enough to take the bubble wrap lining out of the greenhouse and put some plants out to harden off. I prepared my shady corner so that it was ready and waiting for me by the time I had finished a few chores. Note the black sketchbook in which I intended to make notes and drawings of amazingly clever ideas for future work - instead, I have been really lazy and simply enjoyed my surroundings, read my book, and it has been wonderful.

I have been watching the tadpoles, many of which have now developed their back legs, and I've only just discovered that they have wonderful irridescent colouring on their undersides.

Isn't it annoying when the neighbours stare at you when you are sitting in the privacy of your own garden?!!

I'm going out there again for some more - hope we get a few more days like this before we have a return of still needed rain.


Kat Mortensen said...

What a charming looking spot! There's not much that can match sitting idle in the garden, even under the scrutiny of a nosy neighbour. I wish MY backyard busybody was a bird!

Carol Q said...

I think you deserve the day off Heather lol. We certainly have to make the most of the sun when it appears. How very nosy of your neighbours!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Heather - that temperature really rose didn't it? Eight on Saturday, twenty five today. I did some gardening and am now seriously in need of a back massage. Good to be back.

Julie said...

Your shady corner looks very inviting Heather, especially with the sudden jump from freezing at the weekend here to 25C today. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Robin Mac said...

What a lovely relaxing spot Heather, glad the weather has let you make the most of it. We have a wet, chilly day here, but we do need some rain so I shouldn't complain. Cheers.

Debbie Crews said...

Hi Heather
Thank you for visiting my blog site. It gave me the opportunity to visit yours. I love your blog. Debbie Crews