Friday, 24 August 2012

Is it a Humming Bird?

It is really entertaining watching this pigeon's strenuous efforts trying to get at the fat balls hanging on our cherry tree.   It's been coming down to them most days and goes through the same performance each time - I assume it is the same bird.   This morning, it finally settled for just eating the crumbs from the tray of the container on the left of the tree.  I wonder if it will remember next time.  Luckily I had the camera to hand today, but a video would have been even better.


Maggi said...

They never learn do they?

Julie said...

That's a lot of effort for a few crumbs. ;-)

Carol Q said...

lol - I've got the same problem with a couple of local pigeons Heather. trouble is they scare off all the small birds.