Friday, 7 September 2012

A very pleasant day.

After doing the boring shopping bit yesterday morning we took a picnic lunch to this lovely spot by the river Avon near Tewkesbury.   It was so peaceful, the more so as the pub which is situated on the edge of the river here was closed for refurbishment.   What a good job we took our own food and hadn't planned to eat out!  I think that is Bredon Hill in the background.
There was quite a strong current running inspite of the calm weather, and the locals were very polite until we decided to share our crusts with them.  Then it was every duck for him/herself.  Some of them were quite aggresive even to the young ones and others kept tweaking my cardigan if I got a bit slack with the distribution of crusts.

I loved this glimpse of the river through the willow branches.
There are usually plenty of long boats and other craft to-ing and fro-ing but we didn't see any while we were there.
We drove home through Tewkesbury which was looking very festive dressed in it's gorgeous medieval banners.   I believe the designs are genuine ones relating to the coats of arms of various families in the town.
The one above is rather blurred - I think the windscreen needed cleaning! 
There are some really beautiful ones and each one is different.  My favourite ones were either hidden behind a traffic sign or I couldn't focus on them because of the moving traffic.

A short time ago I treated myself to a load of this yarn and am gradually turning it into a cardigan.

The colours are so soft yet almost glowing and much more interesting than they appear here.
It's coming along quite nicely and I look forward to completing it.   I just hope I don't look like a rainbow elephant when I wear it.


Carol Q said...

Tewkesbury and the surrounding area is lovely isn't it Heather. One day, we will have to meet up! The colours of your random yarn have a nice soft autumnal feel to them.

Lyn said...

I love the banners/flags. What a great idea.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love those medaeival banners Heather - they reminded me of Sienna at the time of the Palio.

I love that rainbow wool - and no you will not look like a rainbow elephant in the cardigan!!

Julie said...

Beautiful wool Heather and I love the banners too. I often wonder what my coat of arms would be if I had one.

Robin Mac said...

I am very late catching up with your blog - too much facebook reading! I love the banners too and that wool looks beautiful. What a great day out you must have had. I hope the weather is still holding for you. cheers

DIAN said...

Such lovely pics of the countryside.