Thursday, 29 May 2014

Waiting for Summer.

The honeysuckle above the kitchen window is patiently waiting for a bit of warmth to bring it into flower - 
as is the blossom on the black elder.
But these two roses have jumped the gun and are now suffering much chillier temperatures and cold rain.
They still look lovely though.

We bought ourselves new patio furniture a week ago and haven't been able to use it yet!   I think it has sealed the fate of our weather and it is all residing in the shed until more favourable conditions arrive.  At the time we were buying it, there was such a noisy thunder storm we thought two large lorries must have collided, or perhaps part of the building had collapsed.

  I am off for a week with our youngest daughter on Saturday leaving my husband in charge.  He will be quite content as there are several shrubs which need pruning and I wont be on hand to prevent him taking too much off each one!

I hope to take some interesting photos for my next post while we are away and will take the laptop too, along with a couple of warm jumpers - just in case!   We have rented a little holiday bungalow on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales and have packed our favourite 'toys' should the weather not be kind.


The Weaver of Grass said...

By the sheer law of averages Heather you should have a marvellous week of weather. Have a lovely time.

Carol Q said...

hope you have a lovely time Heather. that pink rose is just stunning

Julie said...

Our poor gardens don't know where they are, do they? I'm sure they'll soon catch up though. Have a wonderful holiday with your daughter and don't worry about the pruning ;-)

Ro Bruhn said...

We are having the opposite weather, it will be winter on Sunday but we have had record breaking temperatures for May, being over 20deg C everyday for the past two weeks. Have a lovely holiday with your daughter, I hope your garden survives the man pruning. My husband is lethal with the pruning saw.