Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Father's Day Treat?

I was sitting up in bed on Sunday morning, enjoying my first cuppa of the day at about 7.45am, when I heard the unmistakable sound of a hot air balloon's gas burners.   I looked out of the window and it obligingly came into view.
It seemed to be losing height rapidly and disappeared behind the roof of the house opposite us.  I hope, if it was a Father's Day treat, that he had started off really early to make it worthwhile.   I also hope he found a safe place to land as in that direction there is the A38, a plant nursery full of glass houses, a quarry and then the M4 to avoid.  At least he would have got home in time for a good breakfast!   There has been nothing in the local news about an emergency landing so I assume all is well.

It was a case of 'sun stopped play' today.  I had planned a lot of gardening jobs but the heat defeated me.  I did quite a bit out there but had to keep coming indoors to cool off.   However, the washing dried so all was not lost, and there is always tomorrow.


Gina said...

We had one pass over our roof and almost touched it the other day. Fortunately it then gained some height!

Toffeeapple said...

I recently had one that came over my house very low then over the houses opposite even lower, then landed in the railway cutting. I couldn't get there to see what happened but it looked dire. No report of any damage thankfully.

Carol Q said...

we've had the same Heather. they often take off from the racecourse. we chased one one night when it landed in a nearby field (just for fun!). hope you're feeling well. the garden takes up a lot of time in the summer months.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Heather, it has been a lovely day here too. That balloon looks a bit scary - I bought the farmer a ride for his fiftieth birthday (a long time ago as he is 71 on Friday) and he loved it - I was scared stiff on the ground.