Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Finishing things off.

I have been finishing the book I started on the weekend course with Frances Pickering - above is the front cover decorated with rubber stamped images machine stitched alongside the letters, cut from offcuts of the printed fabrics which make up some of the ages, and spelling out the name of the poet whose words inspired my drawings. 

I have several rather nice rubber stamps of wild flowers which gave a fitting design for the lining of the cover.

These are the pages which needed more work - I think I have improved on them.

This is the back cover lining featuring more wild flowers.  I made the covers from a printed fabric with a pattern of roof tiles.  I used the reverse of the fabric and knocked the design back further by overlaying it with muslin, and bound the edges with the reversed fabric.

My other finished book is the one made from assorted fabrics which had been bundled up and left in the garden for weeks.  They have taken on interesting stains which give them a lovely antique look - not easy to see in these photos.  I call it my scruffy book.
I toyed with the idea of making a separate cover then decided that the largest page would be ideal for the purpose.  As all the fabrics were just bits and pieces from my ragbag (I didn't want to risk anything special)  my pages are all shapes and sizes as you can see.
It gives quite a nice effect and I deliberately arranged them in a very random fashion to make the most of this.

I haven't bothered to photograph all the pages separately as you have already seen them in an earlier post.
This is the back cover.

So what shall I do next?   I have several ideas - it is simply a question of which one is the most persistent and keeps pushing itself to the fore.


Heather said...

I have just spotted an error - I have missed out a word on the first page! How infuriating. I shall have to read through the entire book to find out what it is. Only about 300 pages!
Quite a few people have looked at it and no-one has noticed, and I only saw it when I checked that the photos enlarged clearly. Grrrrrh.

Ro Bruhn said...

The missing word could add to the mystery of the book Heather. I love them both, what a lovely time you must have had.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Heather - I am lost for words. They are all so beautiful - I do so wish I could touch them and turn the pages.

Heather said...

Panic over - I hadn't missed a word, I had just missed a letter e from the word 'the'. It now reads 'rocked thee like a cradle ...' What a relief!

Gina said...

I love the drawings of trees in your Frances Pickering book Heather. Gorgeous.

Maggi said...

I love both the books.

sharon young said...

What a wonderful post Heather, I particularly like the top book, you've done an incredible job on it, it's really sensitive and beautiful with the text as well.
Your second one is completely different but just as successful, the staining has worked a treat.