Tuesday, 3 February 2015

This and That.

I took these frosty pictures last Friday.   So often I read that we should leave dead seedheads on our plants as they look beautiful in winter and so often mine just look drab and untidy.   Well last Friday they looked quite pretty, but only last Friday!  Since then we have returned to drab and untidy.

Some time during the morning this chap arrived and has spent the day in our back garden.  This photo has appeared where it should not be.   It was a late comer to this post as my daughter took it portrait fashion and I couldn't remember how to rotate it when I was loading the others.   A quick telephone tutorial sorted that out, but unfortunately it turned up in the wrong place.  It's a great photo nonetheless.

Back to the frosty pics.

There was ice on the pond too.

Everywhere was gently sparkling in the sunlight.

I love the shape of these heuchera leaves.   

Back to our visiting rook.  I have never seen one at such close quarters and if he'd turned up last week he might have made it into my book!   Sadly he missed the deadline.   He looked a bit stunned at first but has gradually begun to move about more easily, had something to eat and drink and generally made himself at home.   I say 'him' but I can't decide whether it is wearing trousers or coullottes.
 I put out some chopped up cheese which he liked and there is always some bread and apple out there for the other birds - he's been tucking in to all of it.

He doesn't appear to be injured and I am hoping he'll be strong enough to fly tomorrow, and that he wont be got at by a neighbourhood cat during the night.  He has walked all round the garden almost as if trying to decide if it is a safe place to spend the night.  So far his favourite resting place has been under the bench at the far end under the conifer hedge.

These little beauties are biding their time and not opening fully yet.   I wonder if they know there is a lot more cold weather to come.  Keep warm and safe wherever you are.


Lyn said...

Oh I hope the bird is strong enough to fly away, he's a funny looking chap!

Gina said...

Great photos of the rook.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Is he a raven do you think Heather? I do hope he survives, although if he doesn't fly away tonight I shall be surprised if he does. Keep up the grated cheese, that should help him.
I love those frosted plant photos - inspiration for your next book?
I see that Gina says he is a rook - not sure about that as his beak seems rather large to me.

Ro Bruhn said...

Lovely photos Heather, I hope it doesn't get too cold for you. We're having a very mild summer so far, mid twenties but they are predicting mid thirties for next week.

The Bug said...

Great pictures! I love that Mr. Peck :)

Robin Mac said...

Love the photos of the frosted leaves - and the rook/raven. I hope he has flown away and is safe. We are in the midst of an appallingly hot summer so your frosty photos appeal to me! Cheers

Crafty Green Poet said...

your rook looks a bit grumpy, hope it recovers well.

Lovely frosty photos

Carol Q said...

lovely pics Heather. glad you're looking after Mr Rook.

Linda Vincent said...

Wow, what great shots you got there....
I can never tell the difference between rooks and ravens, but I think its quite rare for rooks to be on their own. He certainly has a puffed out chest, bless him!