Thursday, 21 January 2016

Back to Normal.

I took these photos yesterday when the temperature had plummeted overnight.  Even the weeds and untidy dead bits in the garden looked pretty with a dusting of frost.  The pond was frozen over and the bird bath was solid.   About 20 miles north of us they had a light fall of snow and freezing fog, turning everywhere into a winter wonderland.

The heuchera leaves are beautiful without any frost but those frilly edges look wonderful with a bit of 'icing'.

As I said, even the weeds look attractive.

And the dead bits - this is an ice plant seedhead.

No apologies - another heuchera plant - I love them.

I think the hellebores had a bit of a shock and looked rather bedraggled.

Even the snowdrops were a bit sorry for themselves, but both are quite perky this morning with a 10 degree rise in temperature.   Today is damp, dull and dreary and all the magic has gone but I am sure that winter hasn't done with us just yet.

A few days ago I printed off one of the free tutorials from Maggie Grey's latest book 'Long Diaries and Tall Tales'.  I was looking forward to trying it out but must have put it somewhere safe.  I have looked everywhere, even in the recycling bag for paper.  It must be here somewhere.  Any ideas as to where to carry on searching?


The Weaver of Grass said...

Don't search is my suggestion. It will just suddenly be somewhere as you are doing other things. If I spent time looking for things I have 'mislaid' I would never get anything done. I put things down these days and when I need them I have no idea where.

Love that frosty look to your garden. Here it is just cold,damp and foggy -horrible.

Julie said...

The plants look wonderful with frost on, Heather.

Ro Bruhn said...

Lovely to see the patterns the frost makes. Even in winter here it's something we don't see very often.

Robin Mac said...

Has your paper turned up yet Heather? I have put a set of headphones away very safely several weeks ago. I know I did not throw them out, but the gremlins must have been visiting I think - they do not appear to be anywhere inside this house...grrr
Love the pictures of the frosted plants, they look magical. Cheers

Lyn said...

I have to say I love heucheras too, unfortunately so do the vine weevils! xxx

Gina said...

I quite enjoyed it feeling like winter for a few days. Damp and miserable here today!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Good morning Heather. With regard to Leyburn being on last week's Country File - there was a shot of my dear friend W at the fruit and veg stall on the market. It was a back view and I didn't recognise her! It must have been on a Friday - our only market day - but not when I was buying my fruit and veg!