Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lovely lichens and a couple more pages.

I went for a walk at the weekend and kept seeing lovely lichens growing on trees and walls. They were growing on some of the tiniest twigs on some trees but I couldn't get close enough for a good photo.
These were easy and right beside the road.

I like this weird ivy stem - it looks a bit scorpion-like to me.

Tiny little ferns were beginning to grow between the stones on some walls.

I couldn't believe how far advanced these hazel catkins are - most of the other trees have a long way to go yet.

Another page for my tile book. I used a rubber stamp for this image, stamping it four times and rotating it to form this quatrefoil, then I doodled over it with the sewing machine. I used the reverse side of a piece of painted fabric as I found the colour on the right side too strong. This brings to mind those very faded tiles with little glimpses of colour showing through.

A detail of the one above.
The fleur-de-lis is on gessoed painted calico, the design stencilled with adhesive and gilding flakes applied. The outline was then couched with a fine cord to define it. The background has free machining worked on it and it was then trimmed to size and mounted on gold foil (from Ferraro Roche chocs) bonded on to felt. This was then zigzagged onto the calico page. It's amazing what you see in a photo that you hadn't noticed before - the bottom edge needs a shave!
I am typing this post while taking a breather from clearing out our single bedroom. I need to work up a bit more energy before completing the job. The force has been with me today and the landing is covered with bags to go to charity, a bag of rubbish, stuff that I haven't decided what to do with and bits of work which have come back from various exhibitions.
I've found things I haven't seen for ages. Why is it, when clearing one room at least three others seem to get messed up? My workroom is recluttered, the bathroom has a small chair and various other bits temporarily parked there, and in the hall are several items for other family members to look at in case they can make use of them. It will be lovely when I'm shut of it all. Rest over - back to the grindstone.


Wipso said...

Beautiful photos of Lichen. My daughter had to write an 8000 word dicitaion on Lichen when she was at uni so they feel like old friends :-)
A x

Gina said...

I like the quatrefoil tile Heather. Beautiful!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Heather - I absolutely love that fleur de lis. I really can't understand exactly how you did it. I do have gesso but am not sure how to use it. If you have timne sometime could you describe it step by step for me. I have started a little book on spring coming to the farm. I have made a cover and am just painting the pages - I am totally lacking in confidence but working on the assumption that I shall get better at it with practice.

Lyn said...

I love this post, lots of lovely interesting things going on.
My house is a mess too, spring clean is in order I think!

Ro Bruhn said...

I love lichens, they produce such wonderful dye colours. I took photos of some on trees last weekend.
Fabulous new pages too.

Textile Art Showcase said...

These tile pages are really good Heather - love the lichen pictures too - the tree root has the look of a strange alien creature to me!!

diane.ca said...

Interesting photo's of Lichen as well as your quatrefoil tile. I am in Los Angeles and have taken some photo's today of lichen growing on a tree that has large thorns on it's trunk. Very strange!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks so much for those really detailed instructions, I shall try gesso shortly now I know what to do.
i have finished the first page of my book. I thought I would make a small one to start with but now I realise how much easier it would be if the book were larger! I might post the cover and the first page later today so that you can see how it is coming along. It isn't very good as most of the techniques I am using are new to me - but nothing ventured, nothing gained and hopefully I will get better. It all passes pleasant hours. Thanks again.

I am inspired said...

absolutely fabulous i love the fleur de lis tiles

maggi said...

Love the pages Heather and the photos are to-die-for textures.

Carol said...

I love the quatrefoil tile book page Heather,
you come through as noreply- comment on my blog, so thought I would let you know here the stitched piece feels like leather once its finished and is very durable

Maureen said...

Love that Ivy on the wall!! and love your pages, do they remind me of the old 'encaustic' tiles ( I think that's what they are coiled) whatever they are lovely.

Julie said...

What a lovely post Heather and I love your quatrefoil. We saw some catkins yesterday on a day out to Hull and snowdrops and aconites too so Spring is not too far away.

Jackie said...

ooh be careful what you throw out..you might need it!
Lovely photos, lovely tiles.

BT said...

What a super post. I love those lichen photos and that wonderful ivy - it does look like a scorpion. I clicked on the photo to see the new ferns, they are so pretty. Spring - come on.

Gorgeous tiles. How many pages are you going to do?

BT said...

I forgot about your clear out! Isn't it funny how a good clear out makes such a mess of everywhere else first! You will get there though.