Friday, 16 July 2010

Rain at last.

A couple of days ago, the rain was soft and gentle, and the tiny droplets looked so beautiful especially on the bronze fennel. I could have taken dozens of photos from every angle.
If the sun had shone too, they would have looked like diamonds.

Every plant seemed to have it's own adornments.

The sweet peas were harder to photograph, but the droplets accentuated the tendrils on them to perfection. My photos don't do it justice.

Since then the weather has gone much wilder and I have spent ages rescuing one particular iris plant from the margin of the pond. She is hell bent on drowning! I tried achoring her to a wire coathanger with paper clips - no good. So then I resorted to bulldog clips - success, I think. I had the wire coathangers fixed in place before the stone capping was done, so that the small pots that the plants came in could be held within the shape of the hanger, and the wire of the hangers could be moulded to the shape required. Until this awful gusty wind started, everything was going well.
I have some longish oval mesh pot/baskets which I will put some of the plants in when they are larger. These can then be topped with heavy pond gravel or chippings which should solve the problem. We are surrounded by tall trees, houses, fences, and walls so I would have thought our garden would be sheltered but this wind is blowing everything about and I have had to stake things that normally wouldn't need it.
We went out yesterday and managed to stay dry all day as it only rained when we were either under cover in shops, or in the car. However, on the motorway the rain was torrential and visibility was down to a minimum at times - it was quite frightening and fortunately only a very heavy shower which didn't last for long.
I am being very bad and blogging instead of (a) doing housework and (b) getting on with my entries for the next exhibition. I always find it difficult to finish things off to a good standard - the creative decorative bit is the fun part but there is sometimes just as much work involved in finishing a piece off. I'll just do the kitchen floor first!!


Lyn said...

Beautiful jewels, The rain and wind have been bad but the garden needed the rain!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Well there is plenty of embroidery there in those droplet photos Heather.
I know what you mean about not finishing off - I have a friend, who is much better than me, and her work is perfect both in design, sewing skills and accuracy - I can't really be any of those things and finishing off is the hardest thing of all.
Motorway driving in torrential rain is terrifying I think - glad you got back home safely.

maggi said...

Stunning photographs Heather. Where has all this wind come from? Glad that you got home safely and when you have finished the floor I shall look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Julie said...

Beautiful photographs of the fennel, Heather. These high winds are very scary aren't they?

Maureen said...

Heather your e mail addy is on my old pc so can you send it to me again ( i think you have mine) then i'll tell you about promarkers!!

Carol Q said...

lovely photos Heather. you have my sympathy with the delaying tactics. I came back from Art in Action down the A40 today and had the same problem with the rain. it's vile.

Robin Mac said...

Gorgeous photos of the water droplets Heather. I am with you in procrastination - sweeping the kitchen floor is way down on my list of priorities. I should be finishing off a textile right now, but I am using the excuse that I need to sit down, so I am catching up on blogs! Cheers, Robin

Totalfeckineejit said...

Nice photos Heather.It's unny how the drops of rain can look so beautiful when they land but so horrible when they are falling!
Good luck with the exhibition,I too understand what you mean about polishing up your creations, when I write something I enjoy it but hate tidying it up , so rarely bother, the fun is over and the work has begun!

DIAN said...

This is my first visit to this blog and I am thrilled by those rainy day pics. I love the look of the raindrops on plants. We have had days of rain here, in Melbourne, Australia and everything is thriving.
My husband has given up on expecting the kitchen floor to be swept - he does it now. Fantastic.