Monday, 6 September 2010

I've told him not to play on the shed roof!!

Our shed must be stronger than I thought! Our son came round at the weekend to repair the roof felt for us as we had seen signs of wear and tear. He's 6ft 4ins and broad with it, but much more nimble than my husband who doesn't trust himself on ladders any more.
I couldn't resist taking a couple of pics. I decided to knock up a batch of blackberry and apple muffins for elevenses to reward him for his work.

In spite of the cold spring the blackberries seem to have ripened early this year and we were surprised by how many have already gone past their best. We have picked 6lbs so far, and if the current wet weather doesn't do too much harm, hope to get some more before the Devil does his worst to them! There are still plenty to ripen. I've had to promise to keep some back for blackberry and apple crumbles.
I don't like the idea of summer coming to an end so in an attempt to embrace autumn I have made several pounds of jam. Our daughter-in-law gave us some gooseberries a few weeks ago which yielded about 5lbs of jam, and the blackberries with apple gave me about 7lbs. I think homemade jam on homemade bread is as good as a dessert. My next task will be to make some 'proper' bread. Recently I have been using the bread mixes which are very good but bread made the traditional way is even better.

Today I got down to work and made more machine embroidered trees to go round my quarry design. I haven't fixed them in place yet and may need a few more. I'll have another fiddle with them in the morning when the light is better, hopefully, and when it is totally finished I might even take a photo of it and post it on here.
Is it my imagination or has the print on my blog got smaller? Maybe I need new glasses.


Julie said...

Can you send him round to our house? I've got a summerhouse that needs re-felting ;o) Those muffins look delicious.

Gina said...

I had to laugh at the title of your post Heather. The muffins look scrumptious!

Carol Q said...

LOL @ your post title Heather. Great pics and those muffins look good enough to eat (!) I've just started some damson gin.

kiwicarole said...

lol what are sons for anyway?? Bet he enjoyed the muffins!!

Lyn said...

those muffins look lovely, mmmmmmm, bet you they went down well with a coffee!

Jackie said...

I'm not surprised he nips up on the roof so readily when his reward is those lovely muffins.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Those buns Heather - they look tremendous. There has been so little rain here that our blackberries seem to have shrivelled up. Handy to have a son around for odd jobs.