Sunday, 17 April 2011

A lazy day and I hope you like robins!

I made these little pixie boots from Annette Emms instructions in issue 70 of Stitch magazine April/May 2011 and completed them yesterday. I hope my next pair will be better, Annette's look perfect! I also have the back issue which features fairy shoes and want to try making those. Can this fetish for tiny shoes be because I have large feet?! . I have been very lazy today and spent much of it sitting in the garden and noticing all the jobs that still need my attention. While out there I enjoyed watching our resident robins tucking in to the meal worms my husband puts out for them. I clicked away happily and got so many nice shots I couldn't choose between them. Time and again they came to feed, in between flying off for tiny insects for the fledgelings which seems to be an all-day task. I think they must be glad of the mealworms to keep their energy levels up. Every so often one of the parent birds would perch on the tree and sing us a lovely song.
Oooh! These look good.

I wonder if it is safe for me to start eating.

She seems harmless enough and isn't coming closer.

I'm worn out feeding those babies - it's my turn.

Perhaps I should take some to the wife.

He/she looks as if they are saying thankyou in this pic. The photos are of two different birds - the male and the female - though I can't tell which is which and their babies are just a few feet away in this open fronted box on the garden wall.

It's hard to believe that a couple of years ago nothing would grow in this corner. It was dark, dank and horrible. Then our neighbours had about 10ft cut off the top of their ghastly conifer hedge and let sunlight in once more - what a difference. I have just planted a few more cowslips in the empty space round that square stone in front of the bench - they were selling them off at the garden centre.

This is the same corner from the opposite direction. There is a pathway through there somewhere and I think my next job will be to find it.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh yes - robins and mealworms - they adore them. We had a robins nest two years ago on David's bench in the shed among all the tools - you could hardly see it! I put a plate of meal worms about three inches from the nest and they disappeared like magic. That same year we had a pied wagtail who built in the concrete mixer and we couldn't use it for weeks.

Carol Q said...

fab pics of your robin Heather and what a lovely garden you have. We've got a couple of robins. I'll have to try and find some meal worms for them. I was looking at those pixie boots too. yours are perfect! Made the fairy shoes some time back.

DIAN said...

thanks for the pics of the robins.

Your garden looks lovely.

Fran Hillman said...

The garden looks lovely and it is so nice when light floods a dark place ( sounds very spiritual!)and things burst into life.
Like the box and clasp of beads and board is a great idea.

maggi said...

The robins are so cute as are your pixie boots. I was lucky enough to chat to Annette Emms on Saturday at the Uttoxeter show and she had all of her lovely work displayed which is even more gorgeous in real life. She is a very nice person too. Congratulations on your finish in the previous post, it all looks beautiful.

Linda said...

What gorgeous photos Heather...robins are such delightful birds.
And those shoes - they are so sweet!
You must have endless patience...
Linda x

BTW your garden is looking lovely!

Maureen said...

Those fairy shoes are beautiful, well done you!!! Think my stitching muse has deserted me just now. Love your Robin - how lucky to have one who visits so often.

Val said...

Oh Heather! Your fairy shoes are amazing - I know a fairy who would absolutely love them - they ARE perfect! Beautiful pix of your robin too - you must have been very quiet to get those!!

Twiglet said...

Amzing photos of my favourite little bird! thanks for sharing.

Robin Mac said...

I love your robins Heather, and I am going to have to try those pixie boots, even though I don't have the pattern. I have made lots of the fairy shoes, they are great fun. Have a happy Easter. Cheers.

EB said...

Oh your garden looks just exactly the kind of thing I love. (And i love the robin pics too :) )