Friday, 13 April 2012

This and That.

The blank white dead catalogues I showed on my last post now look like this.

And this. Actually the colours are far richer and more interesting than they appear here. I really must find out how to adjust my camera as it sometimes bleaches out colours.

I have no idea yet how I will use these, or how I will attach things to their textured and undulating surfaces - I dont think glue would work. I could pierce holes with an awl in some of the thinner ones, or maybe a paper punch would work, but a couple are really solid and will need drilling.

The colouring of this one is really rich and looks nothing like it here.

These look pretty ordinary too.

These two final ones have lovely irregular edges and it's hard to imagine that they are a very dark rich brown with soft streaks of more chestnut brown. I am going to use them to make the cover of an 'ancient' book and hope to make it look as if it has been buried for years and only recently discovered. Perhaps I will need to leave it in the garden for another 3 or 4 months when I have made it!

This will be the other half and I think it looks as if mice or other creatures have nibbled away at it!!

It is odd that inspite of all the lovely colours in the other pieces, the two which are the most drab are the ones that have suggested a use to me.

I came across these two packs of tiny embellishments in an art shop yesterday. Aren't they sweet? I have no idea how I will use them but couldn't leave the shop without them - there are five of each design. I will also make use of the boxes they are packed in as they are made from very thin and lightweight strips of wood.

When I was pegging out the washing this morning I noticed this brave and faithful fritillary - the sole survivor of two or three nice clumps which have been decimated by the dreaded lily beetle. I shall just have to cheat and buy some more - I am too impatient to wait for this one to multiply and restock the garden.

Time to keep an eye on the weather - clouds thickening up and washing still out. I'm off!


Julie said...

The tiny embellishments are gorgeous, no wonder you couldn't resist them. The boxes will be very useful too. I put a catalogue out in the garden a few years ago for Maggie Grey's Catalogue Killers but in the end didn't do anything with it. You have got some lovely surfaces here and I'm sure you will get a wonderful bookcover from them. I shall be interested to see where you go with these.

Carol Q said...

some lovely colour and texture on your catalogue pages Heather. fabulous little houses. not surprised you couldn't resist.

Linda said...

Hi Heather...I'm back for a catch-up.
Lovely to see all your experiments and purchases. You have some great textures (they would be good as Photoshop layers ;-)
Your hostas should be ok in the gravel but just to make sure, you could put copper tape around the pots.
Your garden will be a sight to behold!
Love Linda xx

Textile Art Showcase said...

I love these catalogue pages Heather.
What is going to happen to them next. I am really looking forward to watching how they develop.