Saturday, 9 June 2012

Life is just a .................

My husband came home with these when he went out for the papers this morning. They are so beautiful I just had to take a photo of them. Correction - they were so beautiful but didn't last long.

I have come to a halt with the cover of my book so have started on the pages. I thought it would be good to include some dye plants that would have been used in Anglo-Saxon times. Above is woad which gives a blue dye.

This is Dyer's Greenweed and below is Weld, both of which yield yellows and greens.

This last one is Madder which yields red dye from it's roots.

I am planning some collaged pages to go on the reverse of the main ones and below is the first of these. I have only placed the various bits and pieces on the calico page and the arrangement may change but it will be similar.

I had intended to be authentic and accurate with the content of this book but I have settled for a flight of fancy instead - far less demanding!

The sky outside my window is a very funny colour - it's blue!! - I should be outside. It is wonderful to see the sun again and the wind is dying down, thank goodness. I have spent the morning propping plants up and cutting others down where the wind has bashed them about so much.

Hope tomorrow is fine too, but that may be too much to ask.


Toffeeapple said...

My favourite fruit, cherries but they are still very expensive.

Your pages are looking very good, going with the flow is a good thing.

Wishing you more blue sky!

Maggi said...

Love cherries. I bought some yesterday - not all eaten yet! I really like the pages, good idea to use the dye plants. Fingers crossed for blue tomorrow.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I was about to blog that the sun was shining today Heather when I looked out of the window and the rain was coming down in stair rods. However, having just watched the news and seen that five inches of rain fell in twenty four hours in Aberystwyth - I really shouldnn't complain.
I love your little book. I would so love to see one of these little books 'in the flesh'.
One thing's for sure - if the rain keeps on coming you will always find something to do with your lovely sewing projects.

Julie said...

The cherries looked gorgeous, no wonder they didn't last long :-) The book pages look lovely the drawings are very fine. We've had a breezy day here witha few light showers but we did see some of that funny colour this evening. I think you're right about a good day tomorrow. Our garden is badly in need of some sorting out but we have a busy week ahead so it will have to wait......again!

Ro Bruhn said...

Ahhh, the cherries, we have to wait a little while for ours to appear again.. More lovely journal pages happening at your place, at least the weather gives you a reason to stay inside and play.

Doreen G said...

Fabulous pages Heather the book will be great when you finish it.

Clare Wassermann said...

The book is lovely and an interesting document of dyeing xxx

Carol Q said...

cherries - yum Heather! your book is looking gorgeous Heather. looking forward to seeing the next step. roll on some dry weather.