Sunday, 3 June 2012

Waiting for the sun to shine again.

Inspite of heavy rain overnight, the garden looks reasonably unscathed this morning and all these beauties are doing their best to brighten up a very grey and wet day. It stopped raining just long enough for me to do a bit of dead-heading and take these photos.

I can see this gorgeous clematis from the kitchen window.

This honeysuckle is just outside the back door and it's perfume is wonderful on a warm summer evening.

We planted this rose to form some shade cover for my favourite spot for sitting in the garden though I've hardly needed it. It has put on amazing growth this year and has dozens of flowers. The buds are almost orange, opening to a strong buttery yellow and then gradually fading away to cream.

It's not such a good year for these in my garden - there were three huge heads last year but only one this year.

This is a much smaller honeysuckle on the other end of the pergola. The best view is from above as all the growth and flowers seem to search for the sun.

I love these tiny pale pink flowers on the black elder. It grows far too big for our garden so we have to cut great chunks out each year. I now find there is a dwarf variety which would have been a better choice.

The clouds are tearing across the sky but there are a few lighter patches and I can actually see a bit of blue. Wishing you all a bit of blue, and have a good weekend.


Toffeeapple said...

Looking good. I lost my three huge alliums in the last winter.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely collection of flowers, I can almost smell the honeysuckle from here. At least if it's raining it must be easing your drought problems.

Carol Q said...

lovely flowers in your garden Heather. at least the sun's finally come out for the concert in the Mall.

Emma said...

What a lovely garden, you're quite ahead of us up here. I only have 2 Allium purple sensation left now.

We've had stunning weather for the Jubilee, & not a lot happening - what a shame the South had rain after all that planning but I don't imagine it was a surprise & people got on with it anyway!

Julie said...

Your garden is beautiful Heather and the rain makes it look bejewelled.

BT said...

What beautiful photos of your flowers Heather. I love the first one particularly. I didn't know there was a dwarf pink lace, we have the same problem with ours here, it gets far too big. I might search out the dwarf one and replace it. This garden is very dwarf!!

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.