Friday, 18 January 2013

The dreaded white stuff.

 I took these pictures first thing this morning, hence the rather strange blue tinge - it was scarcely daylight.

They were both taken from the front door.  I was still in my dressing gown so I hope the neighbours weren't watching, but I did want to catch that lovely pristine look of fresh snow.   I don't really like the stuff, but it is so beautiful.  The trees look especially lovely and even quite ordinary things take on a whole new appearance.
This photo was taken a bit later in the day through double glazing and I am surprised it has turned out as well as this.    I took it through a bedroom window at mid-tree height and the tree was full of fluffed up feathered friends digesting a very good breakfast.  We have had so many birds in the garden today from wood pigeons down to blackbirds, finches, bluetits, robins, sparrows and a wagtail.   There was even a lovely thrush and we don't see many of those.

I have finished my cardigan and am pleased to report that it is very warm and comfortable - not a moment too soon.   I tried to take a photo in the mirror while I was wearing it - the cardigan, not the mirror - but it wasn't a success so I spread it out on a sheet instead.

My husband is already bored with being confined to barracks by the snow.  Hope it doesn't last a fortnight!  At least if we get more, there will be more for him to shovel or blow off the drive with the leafblower.


Twiggy said...

Gorgeous pics, it is lovely to look at through the window isn't it? that's my plan for the weekend :)
I love your cardigan

Penny said...

Lovely photos, the cardigan looks wonderfully warm and smart.

Robin Mac said...

I love your cardigan too, and for you and your husband's sakes I hope the snow goes away quickly - but it does make fascinating photos! Cheers

Ro Bruhn said...

oooh this looks so cold. We are going through a heatwave, I'm not sure what's worse, the snow or the heat. Your cardigan looks lovely, you must be a super fast knitter.

sharon young said...

Your garden looks a lot like ours, it is beautiful and your pics are lovely, but it's so inconvenient!
Your cardigan is brilliant, and you knitted it so quickly, you must have been cold.

Rowan said...

Looks as though you've had a good deal of snow, here we've had some but not as much as forecast. Your cardigan looks really nice - it makes me think that I'll order some yarn online and make the garter stitch jacket I've had the pattern for since last winter!

Carol Q said...

as you can imagine, same weather here Heather. Hope you're tucked up warm. Certainly will be with your lovely cardigan. I like the high collar. Perfect excuse to stay in and craft I say lol

The Weaver of Grass said...

Looks about like what we have here Heather - I hate it and am scared of falling over. The farmer has to go out in all weathers and seems pretty impervious to it all - off with his shooting syndicate today regardless of the snow still falling.

Aussie Jo said...

Lucky you to get such lovely snow photos. We evacuated tennis at Creswick rather quickly last week as a bushfire raged.

I love your woolly cardigan, have you told us what wool you used??