Saturday, 25 May 2013

Work in Progress.

Not much progress so far, as you can see.    This is another altered book which I have just started working on.  So far I have removed about half of the pages and begun to stick the rest together in threes so that I'll have a nice firm base to work on.   I then brush gesso over the printed text and when that is dry I add a light colour wash.   The worst part is waiting for the glued pages to dry before I can add the gesso, then waiting for that to dry before I can add the colour and waiting for that to dry before I can stitch the edges.   And at each stage I have to wait for the first pair of pages to dry before I can start on the next!   I have coloured about four double page spreads and am just starting on the stitching.   I have a wonderful ruler with little holes at regular close intervals all down one edge through which I can poke a sewing needle and pierce holes along the page edges.   It makes the sewing so easy having the holes there already and means they are of a uniform size.

I am making this as a gift so can't say too much in case the recipient happens to read my blog - I don't think she does but you never know.   I will add some decoration to the pages but think that I will leave plenty of blank ones for her to decorate.   I plan to include pockets, windows and maybe doors, and little matchbox drawers for tiny treasures.   It will be a long process but I have given myself plenty of time to make a good job of it.

What a lovely day it has been today.   I was busy gardening this morning but what I thought was going to be a little light weeding soon turned into full scale digging once again.  The soil is so heavy here, it's as if the weeds are planted in concrete in our front garden.   I'm amazed anything grows out there at all - in one place the fork struck a huge chunk of stone and elsewhere I have come across lengths of electric cable and other builders' rubbish.   I think they just chucked it all out of the front door when they built the house and then bulldozed it flat to lay the turf.   The soil has always been poor in spite of 30 years of care and nourishment from us.   At least this warmth is helping the snowdrop, daffodil and bluebell leaves to die away.  They look so lovely in flower but so awful when the leaves begin to wilt.

A bit more gardening tomorrow perhaps, then sewing in the sunshine - perfect.


Ro Bruhn said...

Your altered book sounds like a lot of work but the end result will definitely be worth it. Good luck with your gardening.

Robin Mac said...

You are going to be so busy Heather, but I am sure your recipient will be absolutely delighted with the result. I need to get out into my garden and deal with some weeds also. Cheers.

sharon young said...

I've never made an altered book, so it will be fascinating to see your progress. I've been looking for one of those rulers for ages, I don't suppose you remember where you bought it from.
Lucky for me I only have to do the digging I want to as my DH likes doing it, strange man!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I just love the idea of these books that you make Heather - do let us see each stage of the process.
It is lovely here too and the farmer has gone off with his walking group. I intend to do a little bit of gardening. The forecast is ad for tomorrow so 'sieze the moment'.

Maggi said...

Lots of patience needed. At least now the weather is warmer, the drying time speeds up.

Carol Q said...

yes, it's wonderful to get some sun isn't it Heather. love books - looking forward to seeing more of yours.