Monday, 3 June 2013

This and That.

During my recent great clear-out I came across this old copy of the Radio Times which has survived about 8 house moves and the longer I keep it, the longer I feel I should keep it.   It seems fitting to post it this week.   I can't believe I've had it for 60 years.  How times have changed and what a lot has happened during that time.

I have been catching up on lots of gardening in this lovely weather and couldn't help noticing how attractive the flowers on the broad beans are.   The bees have been enjoying them too.
Last year we came upon a nursery which specialised in heuchera plants and I began a small collection.  I love the huge range of colours that their leaves has.   The one above is a gorgeous lime green and the one below is far more caramel than I have captured in this photo.
The third one below is such a dark burgundy red that it is almost black and when the sun shines on the leaves they take on a bronzed appearance.   The flowers are almost insignificant but who cares when the leaves are so interesting.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the first rose of summer.   There are dozens more buds to open and it has settled in well and seems to be flourishing since we planted it only about 18 months ago.

 Acquilegias are another favourite of mine though most of ours are the more mundane 'granny bonnet' ones.   They look so dainty but will tolerate our awful soil which thirty years of 'improvement' hasn't managed to change to any great extent.

The wisteria is just coming into full bloom and if the weather stays gentle we will enjoy it for a while before the flowers drop and make a terrible mess everywhere.   I love the ochrey colour of the leaves as they open - a perfect contrast to the soft mauve flowers.   It is well established now and stretches right across the front of the house, meeting up with the winter jasmine over the garage door.  

There are still plenty of weeds to pull up, but after a very busy weekend I am having a day off.  I know they will wait for me!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Heather,, nothing illustrates the difference between your county and mine than those photographs. Flowers on the broad beans - ours are just coming through the ground. Roses out - ours are not even in bud. I am green with envy - and by the way - hang on to that Radio Times.

Ro Bruhn said...

Great photos Heather and glad you're getting some sunshine at last.

sharon young said...

Lovely photos, Heather, we,ve got flowers on our broad beans too, apparently, shamefully I hadn't notice, too busy painting the inside of the summerhouse.
How amazing that you've kept the TV times, what a wonderful souvenire.

Carol Q said...

crikey Heather, fancy you having that old Radio Times - it'll be valuable one day if it isn't already! lovely garden photos as usual. wisteria looks just beautiful. I'm loving Springwatch at the moment too.

Julie said...

That Radio Times is a year younger than me! Definitely a keeper! Your garden is beautiful and has so many of my favourite flowers. I adore wisteria and had one in the garden for a few years. Sadly a tiny garden and a rampant wisteria didn't mix. Heucheras are lovely too, my mum had a little collection too.

sweetypie said...

Stop gardening, get back to your book altering, hahawisterias looking good

Robin Mac said...

You must be doing something right Heather, despite you saying your soil is awful Your garden looks wonderful. Imagine hanging on to that Radio Times through all those moves, how wonderful it must be to look through it now and reminisce. Cheers