Thursday, 27 June 2013

A day of two halves.

As it was such a lovely day, after doing the weekly shopping we decided to have a picnic lunch by the canal at Frampton-on-Severn.   I love this village.  I has wide greens on either side of the road through it and two large ponds with ducks, irises, water lilies - the lot.   Above is the scene across the road and over the gate from where we parked the car.  

We sat opposite this quaint little Georgian cottage which may have been the lock keeper's home but now there is a swingbridge to allow vehicles across the canal.  It was so quiet and peaceful listening to the birds and watching one skimming the water trying to catch small fish.   It looked very much like a tern although I thought they were only coastal birds.

There were quite a few longboats moored in both directions, and several walkers and cyclists along the towpath.

Siesta time for this foal and pony.

A view across the Severn.   As you can see it was quite hazy but a lovely cool breeze blew across from the river so that we didn't get too hot.

The village church nestling among the trees and houses.

I love this magnificent barn with it's wattle panels.  I'd love to know how old it is.  It has certainly been well looked after.  

I don't think I have seen such a wide variety of architectural style in one village anywhere else.  There are delightful cottages and houses from all eras - Victorian villas and modern bungalows as well as a Georgian mansion, a Gothic folly and a wonderful possibly Elizabethan manor house which I couldn't photograph as it was mostly hidden by trees.
This was a very pretty cottage with another much more ordinary one tacked onto it.   I didn't get a good shot and felt I was intruding even taking this one.   
The first spots of rain fell as we were driving toward home along the A38 and my husband just managed to get the lawns cut before the rain fell in earnest.   The garden has had a good little soak which has saved me a job and with any luck we might get another nice day tomorrow.   Glad I'm not in a tent at Glastonbury though!


Carol Q said...

Don't think I've been there Heather - must add it to my list of places to go in August when I'm on holiday. Yes - I shall be glued to Glastonbury on the PC/TV

Gill said...

I was born in Frampton Heather and now live a couple of miles away! Next time you visit you should walk along the canal towards Saul/Whitminster where there is a wonderful little cafe 'The Stables'

Penny said...

What a wonderful look at such a pretty village, so different to anything here in Oz.

The Weaver of Grass said...

This looks idyllic Heather. Did you say 'hot' down there? Up here I had my coat on (and an umbrella) when I went into town to the hairdressers.

Maggi said...

What a lovely part of the country. I'm glad the weather held out while you were there.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely village, I always wanted to live on a long boat.

The Bug said...

Oh Mike & I would LOVE to take a ramble like that! Of course he'd be looking for sheep :)

Robin Mac said...

Your part of the country is just so beautiful. I am glad you could take advantage of the sun to show us those wonderful photos. Cheers