Saturday, 20 July 2013

I just needed to be patient!

I have been waiting for these to come into bloom for ages.   The buds were all tightly closed for such a long time but have suddenly popped and what a treat.

Both are lovely but the top one is my favourite.

It was so hot on Thursday that we didn't go on anywhere else after doing the weekly shopping and headed for the river at Twyning just north of Tewkesbury.    There is a large country pub there and a stretch of public land beside the river - we have been there many times before.   We found a spot in the shade which was very necessary and this the view in front of us as we ate our picnic lunch.

There are attractive scenes whichever way you look.

Even the motorway in the middle distance here, doesn't really become a blot on the landscape.

Lovely reflections.

The pub must do a roaring trade in summer and out of season we have had lunch there, but it seemed a crime to sit inside and all the shady tables had already been taken.  In any case, we had brought our lunch with us.

I believe there are chalets for hire as well as caravans and certainly boating activities to be had.

Two of these craft moored not far from us and the occupants all trooped up to the pub for lunch.

This lovely swan had to compete with the ducks for crusts thrown into the water.

After they had eaten all the crusts in the water these chaps all got out and came up onto the grass to see what else was going.

There is something cooling about just being beside water.   We enjoyed watching the various boats going up and down the river - a sailing yacht, two motor boats, a tiny boat with outboard motor and several longboats.   Perfect weather for messing about on the river.

It has been considerably cooler today and I have actually managed a bit of gardening.   The borders look a lot tidier and I am hoping for similar temperatures tomorrow when I can tackle the rest of the garden.

We had quite a lot of cloud during the day but now the sky is clear again and I have just noticed a beautiful almost-full moon rising above the trees - lovely sight.


Carol Q said...

day lilies Heather?? I think I have some too. that pub at Twyning is a lovely spot isn't it? have you ever been down there when it floods?

Maggi said...

That looks a lovely place to sit and dream on a hot day. Your day lilies are beautiful. Mine came open yesterday too.

The Bug said...

Gorgeous daylilies! We've really enjoyed ours, but we don't have any RED ones darn it :)

I need to see if I can convince Mike to head to some water today. I have my doubts - it's another hot day here & our air conditioning has definitely conditioned us to stay inside!

sharon young said...

What a lovely day out and a perfect place to spend a very hot day.
Your lilies look marvellous.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely day out relaxing in the sunshine.

Robin Mac said...

What a beautiful area you have to explore and take a picnic lunch to. Your day lilies are gorgeous. Cheers