Sunday, 30 November 2014

Now my true character emerges!!

A sharing block?   I think not!  My lovely daughter-in-law gave me this today saying 'I saw this and thought of you'.  She knows I have a childish taste for Smarties.

The day out in Glastonbury yesterday for the Frost Fayre was a great success.  I went with our youngest daughter and her husband (it wouldn't have been my husband's cup of tea at all) and we arrived at about mid-day and tried to be fairly systematic in our effort not to miss anything.  All the shops were open but the town centre roads were closed to traffic.   There were stalls selling crafts and goods of all sorts lining the High Street and the one than lies at right-angles to it passing the Town Hall and Abbey entrance.   The world and his wife, grandparents, children and dogs were all there  some of whom were quite colourfully dressed.   There were street entertainers and food vendors but in spite of the throng there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere of serenity over it all.

We spent about an hour on our preliminary foray and then went to our favourite pub for lunch.  All three of us chose the fish platter which was delicious.   My daughter and I had tried it on an earlier visit and thought it was even better this time.

Off for more exploring - this group was good entertainment.  They asked the crowd to cheer or boo to express their reactions to Black Friday and I didn't hear any cheers, but a very clear boo.

My photos don't give the right impression of the number of people there.  I think I missed the best photo opportunities in my efforts not to miss anything, and trying not to get too many shots of the back of people blocking my camera lens, or trip over anyone.

We couldn't pass up the chance of a quick look at the Abbey ruins, especially as the entrance fee had been very generously waived for the day.  This little ancient stone archway is on the approach to the visitors' entrance and one of my favourite features.

I love this view too.   There must have been hundreds of people walking around but the grounds are so big there was still plenty of open space.   A choir, accompanied by a pianist, was singing Christmas carols and songs in one area, though the large audience standing around to listen made it impossible to see whether it consisted solely of school children or adult women, or a mixture of both.  They made a very pleasant sound, whoever they were.

Things began to hot up during the afternoon and the crowds became even bigger.  The Christmas lights became more noticeable as the daylight faded and everywhere looked even more festive.

Our parking space was just behind the Church and we had to walk through the churchyard to reach it, and found the town band playing carols and Christmas songs.  There was quite a party feel to it and many people in the crowd were having a quiet sing-along.

I was quite glad to get into the car for the drive home and my legs were still tired this morning.  It felt as if I had walked miles.  I wonder if I'll be up to it next year.


Jackie said...

I had no idea you lived near Glastonbury. It looks lovely with the lights , and i'm sure you'll mak eit next year...and many more.x

Ro Bruhn said...

Sounds like a great day out. I love the way some of the shops have little Christmas trees attached to the walls in the UK.

A Heron's View said...

They didn't do that when I lived there in 1988.
We was lucky to get a sing song around the tree on New Years Eve and one year we only had the piano from out of the King Billy and nobody playing it so we danced instead!

Gina said...

Great Missenden had a Christmas fair in the High Street yesterday. It was a lovely atmosphere. I like the idea of a Smarties sharing block though not sure I would want to share either.

Carol Q said...

that looks like a really enjoyable day out Heather - right up my street. hope you enjoyed all the Smarties!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Heather, that last comment rang a bell. Everywhere I go which is tiring I have exactly the same thought. I have been thinking about buying a mobility scooter, but the teacher at my exercise class advises against it, saying it will make me walk less and this is a bad thing.
Your photos really capture the spirit of the occasion.