Friday, 19 July 2019

Rain, Lovely Rain.

I thought I needed a beautiful accessory to show off my new chair, so I borrowed this one.
She is very good at sharing it with me!

I started making this little book ages ago and came across it recently so decided it was time I finished it.  The theme is Spring and I seem to have reverted to childhood and rediscovered all my favourite wild flowers that evoke so many memories.  It must be all this talk of wildflower meadows and roadside verges.
  I didn't much like some of the coloured pages, and found them difficult to paint over.  That is why some pages have the motif painted onto a scrap of plain paper.

I think I had better leave wildflowers alone for a while and find another theme, otherwise everything will get very samey.  Several ideas are churning around in my head - it is just a case of picking one to start with.

I hope your gardens are enjoying the rain.  Someone has told me that next week will be another scorcher.   Summer may have arrived late this year but it is certainly making up for lost time.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Heather, as usual I am green with envy at your beautiful little book. You are so clever with your art work.

Bonnie said...

I love your book and all the creativity it shows. You have a wonderful talent for making these. That sure is a cute little one in your chair!

Hill Top Post said...

"Samey" is not so bad, especially if the subject is wildflowers. I so enjoy your little books. How creative you are!

WendyK said...

The book is gorgeous, I love the uneven edges as well as the lovely drawings.