Sunday, 5 September 2010

Nearly missed the Poetry Bus.

I've had a busy day and am too tired to load photos tonight so will just add my contribution for the Poetry Bus.
Pure Fiction is driving this week and asks us to write about any kind of transformation which gives a pretty wide choice.
At first I couldn't think of anything which would fit the bill, then suddenly a memory from over 40 years ago came to mind. At that time we were living in Cheshire. My parents had come to stay for a few days so we took them out, all piling into our car - four adults and four small children. There were no child seats or seat belts in those days so we just squeezed in and set off for the Peak District in Derbyshire.

Once long ago
we went on a jaunt
even though the weather was grim.
It rained all day
but undeterred
we decided to go for a spin.
We drove to the Peaks
in our elderly car
to enjoy the wonderful sights.
On the crest of a hill
we came to a halt
and paused, almost in fright
as the biblical clouds -
so enormous in size -
parted, and rays of sun
streamed down onto Edale,
transforming it.
We were awestruck, every one.

It was an amazing sight and a moment I will never forget.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Amazing to thnk that moment and scene has stayed with you all those years.And yet it is so fresh and new in the poem.Lovely Heather.

Rachel Fox said...

And what would we be without the sun? A lovely memory.

Carol Q said...

... and you're very clever to be able to turn it into versse Heather. I'm continually impressed!

Helen said...

Lovely memory of so long ago ...

Jinksy said...

A fun poem from a fond memory! :)

Peter Goulding said...

A vivid moment well recorded. I remember the sun...

Pure Fiction said...

There's a whole load of lovely images in there - I love those final rays of sun

Titus said...

Wow Heather, the weather in this our glorious country is full of such moments, and you've captured this one brilliantly. Thanks for the memory!