Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mother Nature's Textile Art?

Do you think she created these lacey effects with painted Lutrador and a soldering iron?
They looked even better from the other side, but I couldn't photograph them from that direction as the sun would have been shining right into the camera.
It has been a glorious day today, inspite of the thin film of ice on the bird bath early this morning. I have been dog-sitting so a morning walk was called for which was lovely. The birds were singing and a lovely autumn tang scented the air along with odd wafts of woodsmoke from log fires. I was as warm as toast when we got home again and had to turn the heating off. After lunch I worked in the garden until said dog's owner came to collect her, and it was warm enough to sit in the garden drinking tea. Amazing after such a chilly start to the day.

I have made a few more hearts for the Heart Felt project. The idea is to fix on a tag with details of a 'heart felt' moment which one will remember for ever. I still have to think of ones for the hearts above. I made them from knitted yarn which I then worked over with the embellishing machine. They are backed with velvet and edged with a beaded trim.

This heart has a Union Jack on the reverse and still needs a hanging loop. The label will tell of the wonderful moment when I answered the phone to hear our son say 'Hello Mum', and I knew he was safely back home having been on active service. I am always aware of how fortunate I am, and of all those whose sons didn't come home - this heart is for them too.


Doreen G said...

I love the hearts Heather and what a great project.

Carol Q said...

beautiful Heather, love the texture of your knitted hearts. your story of your son's return seems a very appropriate one to attach to the red heart.

Helen Suzanne said...

love the poppy heart and the wonderful sentiment behind it.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Bless you Heather.

Can't imagine what it must be like to have a son on active service.

Those leaves look rather like my be-slugged hostas. Here frost is forecast for morning, so shall try to get out with my camera nice and early.

Love the hearta.

Gina said...

All of your hearts are beautiful but the poppy is especially poignant. The leaves are terrific.

Julie said...

I do love these skeleton leaves Heather. My car was covered in a very pretty layer of ice yesterday morning but the day turned out gloriously.

The hearts are beautiful Heather, what a wonderful idea. I have family in the Forces too and I appreciate your thoughts.