Friday, 1 October 2010

Short and sweet.

My eyes are dim, I cannot see -
I've done too much em-broi-der-ree!!

I'm taking a break from stitching today and was going to take a photo of the little stream flowing past our french windows. Our patio is temporarily waterlogged. The rain is hammering down and the ripples look rather lovely. However, on a still photo they don't show up and it all looks just ordinary and very wet. Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day for most of us - hope that is so.


Carol Q said...

LOL - I know that feeling. back in the day I used to do 8 hours cross stitch at a stretch. not any more!

maggi said...

I certainly do hope that they are right about tomorrow's weather. A truly soggy day today, and windy with it up here.

Robin Mac said...

Oh dear, we have sent some of our rain over to you - not actually raining here at present, but overcast and a VERY strong wind blowing! Hope you have better weather soon. cheers, Robin

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yes short,but very sweet!

Doreen G said...

Right to the point Heather.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving all your messager I love hearing what you have to say.

Linda said...

I have my fingers crossed... DH and I share a car and I'd like him to be able to cycle to work tomorrow!!

I'm smiling after reading Doreen's first I thought it said 'thanks for dripping by'.
I'm sending this on the 3rd....and its torrential!!!!