Saturday, 26 July 2014

This and that.

I came out of hibernation for a couple of hours this morning and before the sun appeared over the tops of the trees I did quite a bit of tidying around the pond.  It amazes me how the thugs of the plant life flourish and take over, sometimes choking favourite plants or growing right up through them.   They are relentless and should come with a warning sticker so that unwary customers at garden centres don't introduce them to small gardens.  There were many evictions and I rediscovered the glass 'waterfall' my daughter made for me many years ago.  She me gave the large glass bottle which had been an indoor garden in her flat and we laid a little stream of glass pebbles from it toward the pond.   I daresay by this time next year it will have all but disappeared again.  Some of the plants in the pond are just as thuggish and cutting them in half, or smaller, seems to encourage them even more.

I am hibernating indoors once more until it cools outside, and have been busy working on pages for my fabric book.   Machining this afternoon and looking forward to relaxing with hand sewing this evening.   I am so lucky - it's not a bad life.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Sounds like a jolly good life to me Heather.
I know what you mean about the thugs of the garden. In our garden it is Japanese anemones - trouble is that I love the flowers so much I haven't the heart to pull them out. Maybe it is better than weeds.

ferinn said...

You were brave,I watered my pots and veg after the sun had gone over.I love your waterfall ,what a brilliant idea.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a gorgeous garden you have Heather. I know what you mean about the thugs of the garden, it's even more exaggerated over here. The delicate plants that grow very tidy and neat in your neck of the woods, grow like weeds over here. A typical example are the blackberry and the agapanthus, both now classified as noxious weeds.

acornmoon said...

Hello, I think our paths have crossed before or maybe we have the same friends here in blogland. I love your book in the making.