Friday, 8 August 2014

Medieval splendour.

Our travels yesterday took us to Tewkesbury where we visited the Abbey and I had actually remembered to take my camera.  I make no apologies for the number of photos and could have taken dozens more!  Above is the view towards the choir and altar beyond.
A closer look at the wonderful painted ceiling.

There are dozens of ceiling bosses in almost every part of the Abbey - when I saw one on the ground which had been moved for repair, I was amazed at it's size.

Looking in the opposite direction back through the open door.

These banners hang on either side of the doorway - not a very good picture, sorry.

Similar ones hang from most of the buildings lining the main road into and through the town.  They are put up at the beginning of May in preparation for the Medieval Fayre which is an annual event over 2 or 3 days and commemorates the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1461.  (I hope that is the right date).  The Fayre is held on fields just outside the town, one of which was the actual battlefield.  The banners seem to be left up throughout the summer months - each one is different and they make the most humdrum shops front more interesting.

There were many of these lovely canvaswork kneelers each with a different design.

The tiles in the choir area and up to the altar really took my fancy.   I wanted to photograph each one!  There were so many different patterns.

They were in such good condition I am sure they are not the genuine article and probably replaced the original ones in Victorian times.  Nonetheless they are beautiful.

The altar cloth is a beautiful piece of ecclesiastical embroidery.  I couldn't get a close look as the area was roped off but it looks as if it is appliqued.

I loved this tiny side chapel with the remnant of a wallpainting still visible.

As well as some original and later stained glass windows, these two modern ones are very striking.  I have lost a lot of the vibrant colour in my photo - they are so rich and deep in reality.

It was only when I looked at my photos back at home that I realised how much the light must have changed while I was in the Abbey.   This view, similar to my earlier one, is so much lighter.  You can just pick out the two banners right at the end there.

This is a bit out of focus but I spotted that lovely almost triangular window at the end.

A clearer view of it.

This arch looks quite impressive for such a small and modest doorway.  Signs of alterations in the past I think.

On the way back to the carpark is this magnificent copper beech tree.  I have taken many photos of it down the years.

At present it is smothered with an enormous crop of beech nuts.

It's branches sweep down almost onto the ground.

The trunk is massive and every spring it sits encircled by a beautiful carpet of purple and white crocuses.

On our way home we stopped to pick some blackberries.   They seem to be very early this year and I didn't want to miss them.   We found we had nearly 4lbs - that's 2kgs to you youngsters!  I must get some more while they are still so good, then we can have blackberry and apple crumbles as well as a few pots of jam this winter.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that Abbey - haven't been for years. We used to pass it on our way to a music course every year and if we had time we would call in. The only thing which always grated (and still does in your photos) was the modern chairs - still they are probably more comfortable and that is what is important I suppose. Thanks for reminding me Heather.

Carol Q said...

It's ridiculous - I'm only 15 mins drive away and I've never been in there! Lovely pics Heather.

Lyn said...

It seems a good year for blackberries, they look big and juicy! A lovely post of such a beautiful building, I love looking around churches and cathedrals. Xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

I can see another journal coming up. The painted ceiling is beautiful.