Monday, 15 March 2010

Aboard the Poetry Bus and the Hellebore Bore strikes again!

This week our task set by TFE was to finish a poem which begins 'She was wearing Stella McCartney, I was drinking Stella Artois'. I have changed one word of this and my offering is as follows:-

She was wearing Stella McCartney
He was drinking Stella Artois.
She nearly fell off her five inch heels
as she sauntered into the bar.
She was obviously on the lookout
for a pickup with plenty of charm
but the guy she had her eye on
was eyeing her with alarm.
She engaged him in conversation
in a rather seductive voice,
hoping to gain his approval
and go home with the man of her choice.
It was doomed right from the beginning -
she didn't stand a chance.
He left with the chap sitting next to him
and neither gave her a glance.

I hoped so much that this hellebore would bloom as dark as this, and my hopes have materialised - isn't it gorgeous? There is quite a clump of them and I hope they'll seed themselves all over the place.

The white one here is the same flower I posted some time back and it still looks good. I am astounded that they survive the awful snow and frosts and still look beautiful. Maybe those conditions are what they like best. They are certainly a lovely reward after such a long and cold winter.

Still no daffodils yet but plenty on the way - they'll be worth waiting for and most welcome when they arrive.


Gina said...

Love the poem!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Spring is a coming!!Nice pics, Heather. And great poem, quirky original take on the theme, such a funny ending. Ba ba boom , tish!

NanU said...

nifty poem!
me too i'm waiting on all the flowers of spring to spring up already.

Argent said...

I like it! I could sort of see the ending coming but it was soooo nicely delivered.

Peter Goulding said...

No, I never saw the end coming. Had me laughing out loud!

Julie said...

Great poem Heather and the hellebores are beautiful.

Carol Q said...

honestly Heather - you should go into publication! brilliant! hellebores are such beautiful flowers. love the dark one.

Karen said...

Great take on the prompt! Fun, Heather!

Titus said...

I didn't see it coming either! Nice one Heather, and that dark hellebore is fabulous too!

zooms said...

Brilliant poem Heather, i love coming here, i may not arrive with a smile but i always leave with one. Thank you x

sharon young said...

Brilliant poem, as usual Heather, it gave a much needed laugh today, thank you.
Isn't this Spring weather wonderful, warmth at last!
That purple hellebore is stunning, no wonder you're so pleased.

Maureen said...

That is a good poem Heather, love the ending. At last I have found my snowdrop - two - well I'm thankful for small mercies

Clare Wassermann said...

great poem and I like your spring greens!!

downunderdale said...

looks like spring is on its way to you - autumn will pass us by without our seeing nay of it - from summer to off-summer here,Dale

Linda said...

Great poem - very smooth and funny!!
Beautiful flower pics too; I love daffodil buds; all that promise.....