Saturday, 6 March 2010

Nature Rules - OK!

I just had to get a shot of this one yellow crocus in our neighbour's front garden. About 18months ago she did away with the lawn and flower borders to have extra hard standing for off road parking, and had the rest of the space covered in gravel. This crocus has done well to cope with all that upheaval not to mention the weedkiller and membrane before inches of gravel were spread on top. Such a cheery sight - I do hope she doesn't dig it up.

I found one or two treasures in our garden this morning, though you do have to look for them.
Spring is definitely on it's way, even if it hasn't quite sprung yet.

This clump of hellebores is coming on nicely and there is another nearby. I am hoping they'll get together and produce a further clump with different colouring.

This little viola will soon be surrounded by other spring flowers such as scilla, anemone blanda, tiny iris, etc.

The scillas are just about ready to pop - we only need a bit more sunshine.

I almost missed this one completely. It is in a pot tucked away in a corner. The colour is a wonderful deep rich purple which has come out as blue in this shot - it is really vibrant. It's such a lovely time of year with so much to look forward to.


maggi said...

A real feeling of Spring. Thank you Heather. Perhaps you should stand guard over the crocus.

Angela said...

It's amazing how resilient nature can be

Carol Q said...

lovely photos as usual Heather. aren't those tiny iris gorgeous?

Doreen G said...

It took me ages to see the crocus Heather but it is indeed a survivor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so lucky!Spring flowers. Our little snowdrops are still shivering under the snow. Still 10" deep down the road from us. Will just have to be patient I guess. Have a great weekend.

Nellie's Needles said...

What a delightful tour of early spring in your garden. Thank you.

Lyn said...

I love spring it's my favourite season, such a lot of hope.
Love the single crocus surviving agaist the odds!

Textile Art Showcase said...

I love the spring too. It is so nice to see some spring flowers appearing at long last - they always give a feeling of hope and something new and fresh to come - like nice sunny weather and warmer days - and hopefully the end of snow, ice and frost!!

BT said...

Oh Heather, you have outdone me with your lovely blooms, especially that iris. Ours are nowhere close yet. I love that solitary crocus next door!

I have a clump of white helibores too, first year for flowers this spring. I must get some 'orientalis' to go nearby. The celandine are blooming today. xx