Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lunch in Monmouth.

I fell in love with this bridge the first time I saw it many years ago. Today I remembered to take the camera out with me. We arrived at about noon so there was time for a quick forage round the shops before lunch and then we went down to the lower end of town to get these shots. I stood looking toward the town and main street to get this one, the plaque below is on the left of the bridge ........
.......... and this little door is on the right of the main arch. It is only in recent years that traffic has been diverted from using the bridge, so as to preserve it. We could do with some of those medieval builders today - there can't be many modern constructions capable of surviving for over 700years.

This little door is very narrow and the people who used it must have been a lot smaller than we are today - there can't be much space within that stone wall.

I'm sorry this picture is so dark - even though the sun wasn't actually shining, I was looking into the light. Here we are looking at the bridge in the other direction, with the town behind us. It's a pity that blue van was parked there, but it was obviously a working day for him and he had every right to be there. In reality the bridge appears taller and narrower - somehow the camera has foreshortened it.
I haven't started working on a new project yet but several things being thought about. I bought some lovely green yarns today and will post them maybe tomorrow. The light had gone by the time I thought about it this evening and photographing things in artificial light always seems to distort the colours. The group I belong to is having an exhibition in September and photos of work being entered are needed by May for publicity purposes so I had better get cracking!


Carol Q said...

I spotted that little door too when we went to Monmouth Heather - lovely isn't it? Glad you had a good day out!

maggi said...

Lovely Heather, particularly the little door.