Thursday, 25 March 2010

I bought this very pretty novelty yarn today (Sirdar Reflection) - it has all the colours of a summer garden. I think I could use it with an embellisher. I have moved up a notch from 'if' I get an embellisher to 'when' and am getting quite excited. Maybe next week I shall have more to tell. Across the road from the shop where I bought this yarn is a fabric shop where I also bought some calico and managed to leave behind a book of watercolour paper. I hurried back to collect it only to find the shop closed for lunch and that it was early closing day! As we were in Pershore which is miles away from where we live I had to push a note through the door saying I would collect it next time we were in the town. I could see the book on the counter through the door and was so cross with myself.
This is the result of spraying a sheet of paper with all four of the Cosmic Shimmer Mists I bought the other day. Individually the colours are quite bright and strong, but sprayed on top of each other a much more subdued effect is achieved. The camera hasn't captured the lovely lustre the sprays have. I used Peacock Green, Midnight Blue, Red Firefly and Golden Mint.

Yesterday I played with more of my birthday treats and began by making these coloured background papers using the Tim Holtz Distress Inks and sponging them onto the paper.

This is the largest stamp I have ever used and it takes a bit of practice to get a perfect image. The colours of the background have not come out accurately and appear a bit bland here. I love the stamp.

This is another large stamp and it has worked perfectly for me here, so I must be getting better at it! It's a bit of a cheat as it's a complete scene and needs no further decoration.
I was trying to create a little country scene here using several different stamps and all was going quite well until I forgot to check that there was no ink around the edge of the very small stamp I was using for the tufts of grass. Of course it smudged and ruined everything. I shall try again and want to draw in a few lines to help suggest the sense of distance between the small trees and the large one, and the foreground. I shall use this to practice on.

Two more that didn't make the grade. Watching demonstrators using rubber stamps it all looks so easy but like so many things, there is more too it than meets the eye. I'm supposed to be getting on with textiley things and not playing with rubber stamps so progress may be slow and erratic as I buckle down to produce at least a couple of pieces of work for the next group exhibition.


Carol Q said...

you're stamping is coming on a treat Heather! LOL how frustrating to leave your buys behind. must take a mooch round Pershore - it sounds very interesting. I love those cosmic shimmer sprays - gorgeous

Jackie said...

I have really enjoyed catching up with you..hellebores surprised me today too but only one in a pot. Yours are lovely. And well done on the drawing..I feel the same about it..I used to be able to do it but just freeze now.

Wipso said...

Not sure the thread will embellish. Sometimes the embellisher just breaks the thread that joins the coloured tufts together. I do try all sorts of threads with mine though and some are certainly more successful than others. Love the colours of this one though so good luck. Do let me know how you get on.
A x

maggi said...

How frustrating to leave a purchase behind but that yarn looks yummy. You will love the embellisher.
The stamping is looking good to me and the background papers look great too.

Heather said...

Thankyou for your encouraging comment Carol.
I've never been good at drawing Jackie and think my inhibitions with it take me over.
Thanks for that warning Wipso - I can always couch the yarn if it won't embellish.
I'm looking forward to trying out an embellisher and love the effects they give Maggi.

sharon young said...

What lovely stamps and the coloured BG's are perfect for them, you have made a good start with your b/day goodies.
How frustrating to leave your shopping behind, I know the feeling well :-(

Carol said...

I like the different stamps you used. I'm sure your next efforts will work out well.
I have the yarn you bought. Knitted it up, very slowly, into a nice scarf.

Anonymous said...

Those stamps have worked beautifully - They look lovely.

BT said...

Well, how well you are doing with your stamping and what fun you are having with your birthday goodies! I could never use a big stamp like yours, I'd just make a mess - I often do just with the little ones!!