Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Getting hooked.

A few posts back I showed these granny squares that I have been making.   I have made dozens of them now and they are gradually beginning to look like this. 
I am still not quite sure about the blue border but couldn't find any yarn in the right shade of red/pink.  The colours here are not accurate and are much richer and lovelier in reality.   I had no pattern to go by and no idea of how many squares I would need for a waistcoat in my size, so just made as many as possible out of three skeins of wool.  I limited myself to three skeins as it was rather expensive.  I have spent ages drawing little diagrams of squares in various arrangements as well as arranging the squares themselves and I think I will have enough.  I can always crochet wider or deeper outer borders if a little more width or depth is needed.

I was too impatient to stop and press these joined squares before I photographed them and no doubt they will look better for proper attention.
It's taking ages to join them all and weave in the little ends of wool.   If I'd been knitting a waistcoat it would be finished by now and being worn!   However, it is good to learn a new craft and one day I might even be able to follow a pattern and make something complicated.

It felt like April several times last month, but on my morning walks recently it has felt decidedly like March.  There's a nippy little breeze out there so don't pack your winter woollies away just yet.


Ro Bruhn said...

What gorgeous colour combinations Heather. Makes me want to get out my crochet hook.

Robin Mac said...

I do wish I had learned to crochet when I was young - that waistcoat is going to look really good. We are looking forward to a nip in the air here - a long hot summer just does not want to let go. Cheers

sharon young said...

So many squares, Heather, you must have a lot of patients, and all that sewing together. I love the blue that you've used it gives a lovely contrast to the pinks/mauves.
Thank you for your comment on my blog post, Verdi is such a sweet bunny, Vivienne is very clever.

The Bug said...

Ooh lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe I could even make one for myself!

Carol Q said...

love your choice of colours Heather, you seem to have got on like a house on fire.

Gina said...

The colours are really pretty Heather.

Els said...

Hey great granny, to start making grannies ;-) Lovely yarn !

You gave me a wonderful idea for my upcoming birthday : a gelli-plate .... I wanted to have one for a long time, and never decided to buy one .... thanks !
Have a good weekend
(ha, don't we have weekend all the time ????)

Linda said...

I almost missed this post Heather....sorry.
You've done so well with your new hobby and you've inspired me...I keep meaning to make myself a little blanket for those days when meanie Brian says we can't have the heating on :-/ Maybe if I start now I'll have it for the Autumn.

Thanks for being so kind about my needle cases :-)xx