Friday, 14 January 2011

Making a mess and early signs of Spring.

You'll need to use quite a lot of imagination as you look at these first few pics - they are going to be notebook covers I hope, but are in the very early stages of their development. The front edges are on the right in each case, with space for a motif to be added and the left half with the lace motif will be the back of the cover. They are still wet so look pretty awful at the moment. I brushed gesso onto pelmet vilene and applied fine scrim scraps and lace motifs before spraying with Quink ink and coloured sprays. I shall probably have to adjust the colours before adding any stitching and others motifs.

I have bonded the top layer of some patterned paper serviettes to felt which I am thinking of stitching to outline certain parts of the design, cutting these out and applying to the fronts of the notebooks. I hope the scale of the designs is right for the sizes of the little books. I will make the pages from cartridge paper and the finish product will be added to our sales table at the next exhibition. By the time I show them to you again I hope they will be looking far more attractive!

We are having some very gloomy days this week - mild but very grey and wet. I nipped out into the garden with the camera to see if there was anything worth snapping and found these snowdrops just breaking through.
A few feet away I saw these lovely, if soggy, primroses. I am always astounded by their toughness even though they look so delicate.
In the back garden this solitary viola is doing it's best to cheer things up in among the wallflowers. I watched them become frozen and almost flat to the ground when the temperatures were so low, and yet in a day or two when conditions improved they were all standing up again.
These hellebore buds are always a treat to see. Some gardeners cut the leaves right down to allow the flowers to be seen more easily, but I am nervous of doing that too early in case the weather turns very cold again and the flowers are damaged.
Nearby is another patch of snowdrops, further advanced than the ones at the front of the house. Lovely things to look forward too, plus a lot of tidying up and weeding to be done. The exercise will do me good - I have become too much of a couch potato this winter.


jill said...

I am so excited for spring, thankyou for showing me these first signs, I will go and have a look in my garden tomorrow.

Robin Mac said...

Signs of spring look exciting for you Heather. You have given me some ideas for notebook covers too, I keep forgetting to start with gesso! have just caught up with your previous post as well, the exhibition of shells is going to be beautiful - they are all so different. You are a clever lot. Cheers from sunny and hot Mackay.

Jules said...

The signs of spring are lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing them grow day by day.
The notebook covers are coming along nicely, I can't wait to see them on Wednesday...:D