Sunday, 16 January 2011

A quick dash for the Poetry Bus.

Totalfeckineejit is our driver this week and he suggests we sit quietly and observe the way we feel, our surroundings, etc. I made my observations early this morning:
I sit, comfortable and relaxed in my armchair.
The reading lamp casts it's gentle light
as I listen to the early morning sounds -
birds singing, a dog barking,
the heating boiler humming.
Eyes closed, I take a sip of my first cuppa of the day.
It is just the way I like it - not too hot, not too strong.
It warms, revives and refreshes me
when I am still heavy with sleep
and gratefully cocooned in warmth and comfort.
It invigorates and stirs my sluggish brain into action
so that I can begin to plan my day.
I take more sips, watching the daylight
strengthen behind the closed curtains.
By the time my cup is empty I am fully awake.


Jules said...

I like this, like the peace before the day starts.. I often listen to the sounds before I get up, and that first few sips of tea is paramount...very evocative!

Julie said...

Your start to the day sounds like mine :-) except that at the moment our boiler isn't working! Thank goodness it's a bit milder than a week or two ago. Great poem Heather. x

Totalfeckineejit said...

Beautiful start to the day, so cosy and safe and warm. I'm jealous!
And tea - best drink of the day! (after beer)

izzy said...

Just a lovely way to wake up! and it is so wise to give ourselves time- Thanks!

Rachel Fox said...

It is indeed a high point of the day - that first cup!

Helen said...

Morning is my reverie, the quiet, the first rays of light. You described the beginning of your day beautifully.

120 Socks said...

I should definitely have written mine in the early morning. Loved your start to the day, especially the light gaining strength behind the curtain.

Karen said...

You describe one of the day's highlights - the gentle breaking of a new possibility.

Kat Mortensen said...

Really nice and I can find a duality to that last line that is really telling.


Jinksy said...

A gentle way to begin a new day...