Sunday, 18 September 2011

Flower Power.

I acquired this Flower Stitcher foot in a giveaway months ago and it was ages before I realised I would need an adaptor to fit it to my Bernina sewing machine. There was a further delay when I found I had to order one and wait for it to be posted to me. I had previously treated myself to Dale Rollerson's little book 'Let's Play with the Flower Stitcher' and have found it so useful and much clearer to understand than the official instructions which came with the foot.

It's full of useful tips and suggestions for trying out the various stitches on the machine - not just the decorative ones. It's also packed with colourful samples of the many different patterns possible as well as pieces of work incorporating them.

Here is my first attempt - a bit of a shaky start and I have distorted the fabric slightly. I began with the smallest sized holes and worked on kunin felt so that I could burn through the centres. The larger holes on this piece are done with utility stitches.

The four linked circles are done with an ordinary zigzag stitch - the others with a decorative stitch. I must do some more and keep a note of which stitch gives each effect as it is all to easy to forget what you have done.

These are all utility stitches and I have gone round about 3 times on each one to get a more pronounced pattern.

Getting better! The one on the left is nice but the thread kept breaking on the right hand one.

I found it easier with a smaller piece of felt and changed thread too. The three rings at bottom right are simple zigzag stitch, and all the others are different utility stitches. I think I like these better than the decorative stitches.

It doesn't even look too bad on the reverse side. To get a really interesting effect the circles need to be massed as on the front of Dale's book. The circles can be worked in several sizes and small ones can be worked inside large ones, but that sounds a bit advanced to me. I must do a lot more experimenting to become more proficient before I can add them to my work, but they are fun to make and have great possibilities.

Just when I thought the flowers in my garden were coming to an end I noticed this ...........

................ and this, and there was another picture of the variegated weigela just coming into flower again. I seem to have lost that one somehow. I thought they had all done their stuff for this year.

I can see a small patch of blue sky through the window, but it has become a wet and dull Sunday here with sporadic downpours. What a good job I reproofed my wax jacket a couple of days ago!


Carol Q said...

ooh Heather, I neeeeeed one of those. Funnily enough I was looking at The Thread Studio website this morning.

Doreen G said...

Way to go Heather--you will be going around in circle all the time now.

Julie said...

Practice is making perfect :-)

Penny said...

Ilove my flower stitcher, they are such fun.
Your late flowers look lovely.
We should be heading for spring but too warm and windy too early, not looking good for those of us who farm.

Jackie said...

That looks fascinating Heather. I haven't seen one before.
As to your comment on Greece and the simple way of life: We saw a young man leading a laden donkey over the mountains talking away on his mobile phone!

Lyn said...

bit grey here today and I was hoping to go for a walk but Im not inspired!
I can see your going to have so much fun experimenting with your new toy!