Friday, 23 September 2011

What a grey day!

I have spent ages today, mixing colours to produce various shades and strengths of grey. It is much harder than I thought, apart from the obvious method of mixing white and black. Even then I found it hard to get an even progression from dark to light.

Considering the fact that the complimentary colours are made up from the primary colours, I was surprised at the different tones achieved by mixing two complimentarys and then adding white, compared with mixing all three primary colours plus white. I found it quite hard to achieve a good grey and kept getting lovely rich browns and at one time a rather nice dark green.

I took these photos quite quickly and in not a good light - in reality the grading is better than it appears here. I must correct that when I photograph them for the blog post for my tutor.

My poor tutor has not been able to contact me for the past ten days as her computer has had to go for repair. I haven't liked to do another post before she has a chance to deal with the previous one, but hopefully will be able to post again some time next week.

I am off now to clear up the awful mess I have left all over the dining table. We have a lounge diner type living room so I can't just shut the door on it, and I do hope no-one calls and has to be asked in before I've tidied up.


Toffeeapple said...

You are putting such a lot of effort into that! It isn't easy to get the shade you want is it?

Carol Q said...

I could imagine that might be a very frustrating project Heather. I know I wouldn't find it easy.

The Weaver of Grass said...

If anyone does call Heather they will see just how artistic you are!
You seem to be progressing well.
I am still struggling along with drawing but am enjoying it and will persevere.