Friday, 9 September 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like autumn.

It's a rather dull, drab day here today so I thought I'd make some sunshine soup to cheer things up. It's really just a vegetable soup made with chicken stock, but this time I added butternut squash which gives it a lovely golden colour. It tastes pretty good too, if I 'says it as shouldn't'.
It went down a treat with a couple of little cheese and herb scones.

I am very miffed with the postal service. You may remember from some time back that I made fabric hearts for the second Heartfelt exhibition in Bristol. I posted them weeks ago to the person who was setting up the exhibition only to learn that she has not received them. I put my name and address on the back of the package so there is no excuse for them not being returned to me, even if they can't be delivered to the address on the front of it. Luckily they are not of any real value, but would have been sold in aid of charity and might have raised a bit of cash.

I have just completed the first chapter of my online course and done my second post on my other blog. There is a link to it (Inspiripedia) at top left here. I will start work on the second chapter next week.

Hope we all have a nice weekend - I want to do some much needed tidying up in the garden. Whatever you have planned, have a good time.


The Bug said...

Mmm I love butternut squash soup. It's gray & chilly here today too - that would be quite lovely to have for dinner. AND the scones - yum!

Carol Q said...

the food looks very yum Heather. how frustrating that the RM lost your hearts. I think had made items getting lost in the post is most irritating as they are really irreplaceable. off to the other blog now.

Toffeeapple said...

A very autumnal post Heather, our weather today was rather good and very warm.

Such a shame about your craft package going missing, it is usually not a great deal more to pay for Registered post and you can keep track of it on line too. I hope it turns up somewhere.

WV = wallop quite apt I think.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Soup sounds delicious Heather. I am now off to look at your other blog.