Saturday, 17 September 2011

Garden Bits.

These should have flowered back in the spring and I didn't expect to see any blooms on them this year after dividing the plant. I now wonder if I will get any next spring. I can't remember their Latin name and call them Double Kingcups. The pond weed has gone mad and completely covered the surface of the water. I have had to scoop quite a lot off twice already this summer after thinking I'd have to buy some earlier in the year when it just wouldn't get started.

It doesn't feel very much like summer any more and the leaves are beginning to turn colour. However, my pot of strawberries is having another go and they are ripening quite nicely. The cherry tomatoes are also cropping quite well since being put into the greenhouse, so I can pretend it is still summer for a little longer.

I love this clematis - it's Bill Mackenzie and has completely filled a corner of the garden. He can get a bit untidy and needs a good haircut every so often. The flowers in bud look like little yellow Chinese Lanterns and the seedheads are very soft and silky. The petals of the open flowers look thick and almost as if they have been cut from lemon peel.

I'm nearly ready to post again on my other blog. I hope the light will be good enough tomorrow or the next day to photograph the work I have done.

I also want to try out my flower stitcher foot. I acquired it months ago and wasn't quite sure what to try to make with it, then I bought a little book by Dale Rollerson, full of great ideas, only to find that I needed an adaptor for it to work on my machine. Now I have no excuse for not using it. Maybe in my next post there will be one or two samples to show you.


Julie said...

That Bill Mackenzie is a handsome fella!

Carol Q said...

what a fascinating clematis Heather. never seen a Bill Mackenzie before. looking forward to seeing your flower stitcher foot in action

Maggi said...

I love the clematis and the seed heads are so beautiful when they arrive. Look forward to seeing what you do with the flower foot.

Toffeeapple said...

Ooh, I have a Bill Mackenzie in my garden! He is tenacious!