Wednesday 23 January 2013

This and That.

I am not going to attempt to separate these pictures or I'll be here all night.   I don't know why this is happening but when I try to create a space between photos for text,  the photo above gets deleted and then have to reload it, whereupon it ends up in the wrong position and I have to start again.

  So, from the top:   I spotted this brave little daisy and viola looking quite fresh and perky after being covered with about 3 inches of snow for 2 or 3 days.   It began to thaw yesterday, then snowed and sleeted all morning today but seemed to carry on thawing at the same time.  Everywhere looks very soggy and tatty now and last Friday's fairyland is a distant memory.

The knitting is part of my latest cardigan, now completed, which will come in very handy if we get the expected low temperatures I have just been reading about.  The colours are stronger and richer than they appear here.  I must stop knitting cardigans but the finished garment is so comforting and the making of it is very therapeutic, and I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms as I have nothing else on the go.  Perhaps a trip to the wool shop is in order - what can I make next?

The last two photos are of a couple of waxwings who visited us today.   On Saturday I saw one in the front garden but it only stayed for a few moments.   Then this morning this pair arrived and started tucking in to the apple slices we throw onto the lawn.  They were so hungry and stayed for several minutes.  The light was poor and I dared not get too close to the window for fear of scaring them off, so the picture is not very clear.  I haven't seen waxwings since we lived in Cheshire well over 40 years ago and to have them visit the garden is a real treat.

If it freezes hard tonight I shall wish we had a sledge and crampons as tomorrow is the day we like to make our weekly trip to the supermarket and we may not be able to get up to the main road in the car.  I think animals who hibernate in winter have the right idea.

Friday 18 January 2013

The dreaded white stuff.

 I took these pictures first thing this morning, hence the rather strange blue tinge - it was scarcely daylight.

They were both taken from the front door.  I was still in my dressing gown so I hope the neighbours weren't watching, but I did want to catch that lovely pristine look of fresh snow.   I don't really like the stuff, but it is so beautiful.  The trees look especially lovely and even quite ordinary things take on a whole new appearance.
This photo was taken a bit later in the day through double glazing and I am surprised it has turned out as well as this.    I took it through a bedroom window at mid-tree height and the tree was full of fluffed up feathered friends digesting a very good breakfast.  We have had so many birds in the garden today from wood pigeons down to blackbirds, finches, bluetits, robins, sparrows and a wagtail.   There was even a lovely thrush and we don't see many of those.

I have finished my cardigan and am pleased to report that it is very warm and comfortable - not a moment too soon.   I tried to take a photo in the mirror while I was wearing it - the cardigan, not the mirror - but it wasn't a success so I spread it out on a sheet instead.

My husband is already bored with being confined to barracks by the snow.  Hope it doesn't last a fortnight!  At least if we get more, there will be more for him to shovel or blow off the drive with the leafblower.

Monday 14 January 2013

Testing! Testing!

My daughter has sorted my problems - I  hope - and I am just trying out Google Chrome for the first time.  I took this photo a week ago and although they might be covered in snow in the next day or two, isn't it a lovely thought that there are signs of Spring like these, all around us?

Keep warm and safe, especially if you are having to travel in icy conditions.   I'll be back soon with a proper post - she said with slightly more confidence than she felt!

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

We woke up to this, this morning - I hope you did too.  It won't last as cloud is already building up, but what a treat and such a lovely way to start the New Year especially after all those dark, dreary and dismal days.

We are still eating mince pies and Christmas cake so no dieting until they are all gone. 

I wish you all a happy, healthy, creative and fulfilling 2013.