Sunday 16 February 2014

Hello! Do you remember me?

I don't think I have ever had such a long gap between posts.  I have had nothing interesting to write about and don't like writing a letter unless it can be cheerful and interesting.  What with the weather, a heavy head cold (now better) and a very uncomfortable leg which makes walking difficult and extremely tiring, I didn't want to transfer my down-in-the-dumps to everyone in Blogland.  The leg is slowly improving and I have been out in the lovely sunshine this morning and even managed a little bit of gardening.  I am longing for the ground to dry a bit so I can really get to work out there and realise how fortunate I am not to have to wait for several feet of water to subside first.

I am unable to post any pictures today - my computer has days like this occasionally.   I had taken photos of two of the fashion pages in today's Sunday Telegraph supplement.   It is a Sunday afternoon ritual for me to settle down with a cuppa and have a chuckle at 'what we will all be wearing this year'!!   Today's photos are real crackers.   There are seven full page shots in all, but the best/worst one shows an ensemble comprising of a black knitted openwork jacket £4,180;  white silk and wool waistcoat (which is barely visible in the photo) £527; black and white dog's tooth skirt £783;  white cotton and silk shorts £985; red leather gloves £620 and to top it all off a lilac satin bow for £500!   That's a staggering £7,595!  The model looks as though she hasn't even combed her hair, suitably bored, undernourished and in no way attractive.  How can these ridiculous outfits and their prices be justified?   I know the fabrics used will have been the best in the land and probably exquisitely stitched, but the final effect doesn't do them justice.   Does anyone actually buy and wear these overpriced garments?   Anyone could look better dressed in clothes bought from charity shops.   What has happened to fashion in recent times?   When I was young the models looked beautiful, graceful, well groomed, the clothes were flattering, and we all wished we could afford them.   How times have changed.