Monday 27 July 2015

A very patient patient.

We have had our little friend Poppy with us over the weekend.  She has had eye surgery and is a model patient.   Her stitches are out now and she is making a very good recovery.

She was found to be suffering from glaucoma and has had her right eye removed and a news lens put into the good eye.

She is so good when I put her eye drops put in four times a day and will have to have them for the rest of her life.   None of this seems to have dampened her spirits - she is still full of beans though we have to keep her as quiet as possible while everything settles down.   No ball games or anything else exciting.   She would look at me beseechingly to get the tennis balls from the bottom of the kitchen cupboard but I know I mustn't, and fortunately she seems to have accepted that.  She likes keeping an eye on the neighbours and growling at anyone who walks past with a dog.

'Mum and Dad' should be back this afternoon and I know I'll miss her when she goes home.

Monday 13 July 2015

Should I be worried?!!

I found this little book in a charity shop this morning and couldn't resist buying it.   I had several in this series in my childhood and loved them.   I had no idea they were still available - this one is in perfect condition and has over 100 beautifully painted illustrations.  I can remember going round my grandparent's garden (over 70 years ago) looking at the flowers and up into the flowering shrubs to see if there were any fairies there.   I think I must be entering my second childhood though I have stopped looking for fairies!

I gardened myself to a standstill over the weekend and ache gently everywhere.  I was quite pleased to see the rain this morning as it stopped me from going out there for another session.   Had it been a fine day I would have done more, on the premise that what will make you bad will make you better!   Hopefully I will recharge my batteries before I lose my impetus.

 I don't like the idea of gales forecast for later in the week - it seems very unusual for July and strong winds can be so much more damaging to trees when they are in full leaf.   Good conditions for kite flying though!