Saturday 19 March 2016

Sorry - No Pics.

I had intended to take a  photo of the beautiful and delicious coffee and walnut cake that one of my daughters made for my birthday recently.   Most of the family popped in to wish me well and I am afraid the ravening horde descended on the cake and there are only crumbs left.   It was so good.

We fetched my husband home from hospital yesterday.  He is still quite weak but installed in front of the TV watching the rugby match between England and France.   I have had quite enough excitement lately and can't cope with any more tension so have come to hide upstairs with my laptop.  I daresay I will creep down shortly to see how things are going, rather as one of daughters did when watching the Daleks on Dr.Who!   She was so scared of them she would back out of the room with her eyes stilled glued to the TV screen, closing the door as she went, and would peep through a tiny crack so as not to miss anything.

Twenty four hours ago I had never seen a nebuliser or a portable oxygen machine, and after finding them rather scary and daunting I am now far more confident in using them though we did have two false starts with the nebuliser.  (Is that the right spelling?).  I had so much information given to me that my head was spinning, but most of it must have sunk in and there were some printed instructions with diagrams, though they never seem to look exactly like the thing you are trying to fathom out.  It all seems to be working as my husband has been pottering about for a few minutes every now and then throughout the day and has started eating 'proper' food.   A very satisfactory first day at home.

I'd better go and see if England need me to cheer them on.   Fingers crossed they can manage on their own.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

It's been a funny old week.

All will be explained in a moment.   The weekend before last my husband collapsed at home and I had to call an ambulance.   It transpired that he had double pneumonia and has been in hospital ever since.   He is making good progress and looks a little better each time I see him.

Yesterday our son took the above in to him - his escape kit!  In case it isn't clear, he hid a file in a half eaten chocolate croissant and provided a pass with false identity!   The file was totally embedded in the croissant but I pulled some out so you could see what it was.

We both have nothing but gratitude and praise for the hospital staff and their level of care, but he is still champing at the bit to come home, though I think he will be in there for a few more days.   Maybe they will let him home this coming weekend by which time I hope the weather will have warmed up a bit.

I must get my nurse's outfit out of mothballs and find a big stick for discipline as he is bound to try doing all the things he shouldn't.  I shall call for back-up if he doesn't listen to me!