Wednesday 20 November 2013

I'm still here.

The time between my posts seems to get longer and longer.   I suppose I have been busy but there doesn't seem to be much to show for it.   I am nearing the end of my online course and there is a lot of drawing in this last chapter which is quite time consuming, especially the time I spend avoiding getting down to work!  I am also making an altered book for one of our daughters but can't show you yet as it's a surprise for her birthday in April.  It is taking ages to complete but I'm nearly there and then there will just be the cover to do.   When that is done I shall put it away and then take a final look to see if anything more needs to be done shortly before I give it to her.

I have my little friend Poppy with me today and we have just been for a walk.   It's lovely out there between the squally hail and rain storms and the leaves are falling fast now.   When the sun shines the colours are beautiful.  
To get Poppy to turn her head like this I spoke very quietly to her and was saying 'Shall we put our coat and shoes on a go for a walk?   Shall we?'    'Shall we' seems to be the key phrase and engenders great anticipation of wonderful things to come.   I'm sure I never quite turn up trumps for her.   It was hard to get the best swivels as her head seems to be constantly on the move from left to right and back again, but these too are not far off the mark.  

I am still waiting for delivery of an order which ArtVanGo despatched on the day I ordered it, which was Monday 11th November.  I finally succumbed and treated myself to some Derwent Coloursoft crayons.  They will be ideal for the coursework I am doing at the moment.   Maybe I'll get them tomorrow - we will be out so that will mean a trip to the sorting office the following day to collect the parcel.   I think it is a bit hard on suppliers when they respond so promptly to orders, to have to advise their customers to allow at least 10 working days for delivery.   The postal charges keep increasing but the service doesn't.

I suppose I should start to get myself in the festive mood.  It seems to get harder every year but I always enjoy our family get-together on Boxing Day.   Note to self - write out 100 times:  I must not think Bah Humbug!   I must not think Bah Humbug!    I must not ..........

Friday 1 November 2013

I think it's finished.

The pictures go from front cover, through all the pages to the back cover of my fabric book.
I made the little spiralled panels from painted and gilded paper clay.  The clasp and hinges are painted Grungbord which is a product found in good craft shops.  All have been stitched in place.  I have posted some of the pages before so apologise for the repeats. 
Most of the images are made with foam print blocks and taken from a Dover book of medieval designs, one or two others are bits that I already had and seemed to fit the theme.   I am in danger of ruining things by fiddling but feel that some areas need a bit more definition.  I shall put it away for a few days and take another look to see what is wanted.

We had an interesting day yesterday.  After doing the weekly shop we were going to Pershore which is a very nice little market town just northwest - I think -  of Tewkesbury.  However, the car was making heavy weather of being driven so we headed for home along the A38 instead of taking the motorway.  Thank goodness we did, as not far south of Gloucester the clutch died on us, fortunately in a layby with a snack van in it.   I was looking forward to being taken out for lunch but that bacon sandwich went down a treat and we sat patiently doing our respective crossword puzzles as we waited for the AA and our son to come to our rescue.  Hopefully the car will be back with us by Wednesday but my husband's pocket will be quite a bit lighter!   You never know what the day will bring.