Sunday 24 July 2016

Chaos reigns!

As you can see, chaos reigns on my worktable which was beautifully tidy a few weeks ago.

I haven't got very far with my fabric book of memories of my grandmother, but here are the four pages so far completed.  I am not sure I like the handwritten text and may have to come up with an alternative.   It is so hard to keep the fabric smooth and write at the same time.

I have been very busy working on the garden which is slowly returning to a respectable state.  By the end of the day I am too tired to concentrate so have sometimes amused myself by experimenting with little collages.

They are all made on khadi paper about 5 inches square.

I have so many bits and pieces and am amazed at what I have kept, but much of it has been useful in putting these together.

They are really tottering baby steps in collage - I have probably broken all the rules, and I don't even know if there are any to break.

I have found them quite relaxing to assemble.

Some have worked better than others.   I am not sure about the one above, but do like the last one.

I must get back to Granny's book before I have another book to work on.  At the beginning of September I am treating myself to one of Frances Pickering's weekend workshops.  This year's theme is Town or Country -  I have chosen Country.  Already I have too many ideas buzzing round in my head.  I think I might work on paper this time as I want to make myself do more drawing - scary!  But who knows - by the time I have listened to Frances' opening talk I might change my mind completely.